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Please sign online petition- for increasing climate catastrophe in Uttarakhand


एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:


UANA (Uttaranchal Association of North America) has taken an initiative to save Himalaya.A online petition has been filed .
Please - Spare your two min to Save Himalaya. Sign online petition to Supreme Court of India/Prime Minister of India: Long Term Solution for increasing climate catastrophes in Uttarakhand
M S Mehta

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Despite repeated incidents of earthquakes, cloud bursts & flash floods, the pace of finding long term solutions by the disaster mitigation and management department seems to be non-existent. There is currently no mechanism for early weather warnings, disaster preparedness and management systems with clearly defined operating procedures and accountability mechanism in the state.
It is time to understand whether this is a result of indiscriminate construction of dams and buildings, coupled with massive deforestation. There has been no attempt to learn from the past experience of disasters. The development plans in Uttarakhand need to be adjusted immediately and illegal encroachment of the rivers has to be stopped to avoid future disasters.
There has been a lack of political will and a clear lack of ample pressure from the people. Need of the hour is to work jointly and focus on solutions that should be done to prevent such catastrophes in future.
Uttarakhand does not need money or financial assistance but needs a solution that has both environmental and social impacts which are long term and sustainable.
We are working with Uttarakhandis around the world to get their intellect and involve environmental & climate experts as well.
Please join and sign this petition for a REQUIRED change.


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