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Justice for Radha Rape Victim of Kaladungi Haldwani who was raped by a Doctor.

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Ajay Pandey:
i am very sad to know about this rape was done by a doctor from a victim the resident of kaladhungi haldwani i am very surprised that on uttarakhand a land of god these crimes were done we know that uttarakhand is a land of god the crimes of rape are done from girl i read this incident on mera pahad forum i am really very sad i request from electronic media print media that please done a coverage of this gangrape done on the resident of kaladhungi haldwani girl please done the coverage of this gangrape i ask a question from print media that you done a coverage of the gangrape was done on delhi but you will not done the coverage of kaladhungi haldwani girl what is this uttarakhand girl is not a right for justice as you are aware that media is the fourth chamber of democracy so media will done a work of coverage of gangrape in kaladhungi and please give a coverage that these crimes are done on uttarakhand state that we call a land of god rapes are take place in land of god i will said to court that please made sufficient and true laws for rape please do not keep this coverage on carpet i request from media that please done the coverage of gangrape in haldwani after all i will end this opinion by this shloka
yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra devta
yatra atastu na pujyante sarva tatraphala kriya
thanking you and namaskaar


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