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एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:


मेरा पहाड़ के लिए यह सौभाग्य की बात है की श्री डी० एन० बड़ोला जी जैसे वरिष्ठ पत्रकार एव समाज सेवी हमारे साथ जुड़े हुए है!  

इस थ्रेड पर बडोला जी अपने विभिन्न लेख पहाड़ के बारे मे लिखेंगे और हमें आशा है आपको उनके लेख पसंद आयंगे।

एस एस मेहता

           A BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF MR D N BAROLA JI===============================================================

Name-             D.N. Barola ( Dewaki Nandan Barola )  ¼Mh0 ,u0cM+ksyk½  
Address-   Barola Cottage, Subhash Chowk, Ranikhet-263645

Telephone-   Phone/Fax: 05966220259, Mob. 9412909980, 9410310640
                   E-mail: dnbarola@yahoo.co.in  dnbarola@gmail.com

Qualification-   POST GRADUATE

Social-             Convener, All India Cantt. Leaseholder’s Association, Ranikhet

Activities-          Founder President SAMANWAYA, A Federation of Non-Govt.
                        Organizations of Uttarakhand ( 1994 – 1995 )
                        Founder President, Lok Chetna Manch ( 1983 –88 )
                        Convener, Amateur Astrologer’s Association,(AAA) Ranikhet

Journalism  -    President, Press Club, Ranikhet
                        BOOK –JANWANI– Collection of letters in Hindi, written by me.
                        I am contributing to various English and Hindi newspapers.
                       Presently I contribute to Garhwal Post English daily published from
                       Dehradun. (www.garhwalpost.com). I also write for Himachal Times
                        Daily newspaper published in English and Hindi both.

Internet -          I write Blogs in internet in Hindi and English both.      

Trade Union-   Divisional President, LIC Dev. Officer’s Association (1993-95)        
                     Secy, LIC Uttarakhand Dev.Officer’s Upliftment Committee(1974-78)

Profession-       Worked as a Development Officer in Life Insurance Corpn. till 1998.
                        I was awarded with the title of Crorepati Dev. Officer for 17 years.
                        Now I am working as a Whole time Political and social worker.

Political -   Member, Pradesh Congress Committee (From 2005)
               Secretary, Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee (2006-08)  
                Organization Secretary, Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress (2002-06)
               Publicity Secy, State Congress Disciplinary Committee (2001-08)
               State Cong.Publicity Coordinator (In-charge Kumaon)(2002-08)
                Member, Vichar Cell, Pradesh Congress Committee.(2001-08)
               Vice-President, State Public Grievance & Labour Grievance
               Redressing Cell ( In-charge Kumaon ) (From 2003)
               State Election In-charge, Pradesh Cong. Committee (2001-02)
               (Congress won 36 seats and formed the Govt. in Uttaranchal)
               Vice-President / Prabhari, District Congress Committee (1999-01)
               Vice-President, City Congress Committee ( 1985-95 )

Jail -                 Courted Arrest (Congress Uttarakhand Agitation)    


D.N.Barola / डी एन बड़ोला:
Vagabond children make Ranikhet their sojourn

    An unpleasant sight of the vagabond children can be seen frequently here, during these days, after every lavish marriage party. These children loiter near the garbage heap. They are in search of eatables.  At Ranikhet particularly this was not so in the past. The strict rules of the Cantonment Board used to keep the city clean. But things are different now. Most of the children are scolded by the bridegroom or brides’ parents, yet somehow they are able to manage some eatables dumped out in the open. Sometimes they have to compete with the dogs and cows; still they continue to hover around. In fact a dog could snatch away a plate of rice and roti from one of the children in my presence. However eldest amongst the children consoled the child and brought food for him from the garbage heap.  These vagabond children come to Ranikhet to enjoy the autumn and in search of some sort of employment. For Ranikhet it is an uncommon sight, but with prices soaring high, these children have no alternative but to look for leftover eatables. I could take out a photograph of the vagabond children collecting the left out eatables and enjoying the food with satisfaction in the company of their brothers and sisters at a tender of age of less than 9-10 years. I asked the children why they were eating the leftovers. They innocently replied that the food was quite delicious. They admitted that whenever there is a party, they get such food to eat.  Did they go to school? One of them replied, “What for?” What a life! They said that they help their parents in their daily chores, sometimes as the ‘Jamoora’ of the ‘Madari’ and sometimes begging for food or whatsoever is given to them by the shopkeepers. They had no grudge against anybody. Ill fed, ill clad, no schooling, with no vision of the future; they are the children of Bharat Mata! The slogan ‘Santosham paramam sukham’ is quite appropriate for them. Is it really ‘Mera Bharat Mahan!’ (D.N.Barola)

D.N.Barola / डी एन बड़ोला:
Thirsty baby

Two women quench the thirst of their baby at the Katarmal Spring while on the way to the Sun Temple, Katarmal (Almora). (Photo: DN Barola)

D.N.Barola / डी एन बड़ोला:

Antique lover from Ranikhet

  On a visit to the shop of antique lover, Rameshwar Prasad Goel I found many interesting antiques. Most impressive was a 70 year old Gramophone, still in working condition. It brought to mind a scene in the Naseeruddin Shah film ‘Mirch Masala’. Shah shows a gramophone to the villagers, who suspect the presence of a man inside the speaker and in his inquisitiveness to locate the man; a villager destroys the gramophone, getting a severe beating for his effort. Goel said that this story had been repeated, though in a different way, with a happy ending. Some months ago, Naseeruddin Shah had come to Ranikhet in connection with the shooting of a children’s film ‘Foto’. The scene was to be shot on Naseeruddin Shah with an old Gramophone. The Director was informed by someone that Goel had an old Gramophone in working order in his collection of antique pieces. Goel promptly offered the Gramophone and the shot was Okayed by the Director of the film. Goel’s antique treasure has an 18th Century E Engraham Co made Wall Cloth with Alarm and Bell; 1800 US made Weather Berry Clock Co’s decorative Table Watch with Bell; a Swiss made Pocket Watch of 1890 which runs for eight days after being wound up once; 70 year old Japanese make clock which runs for 100 days after being wound up once; 100 year old US made Camera with shutters; 90 year old Swiss made Gramophone with old styled Speaker (Banjo); 70 year old US made Gramophone; British oil lamp of 1932; Japan made oil lamp of 1940; Old herbal books; 50-70 year old Kerosene lighters; 80 year old foreign and Indian postcard size photographs; Oil Paintings of 1935; Hand made pictures and sketch, Brass made small and large artistic pieces; Silver, brass, bronze coins; Coins of Ram Darbar; 1929-30 German made flat torch and 200 year old 12 inch long air gun which uses gun powder .Goel says that collecting and preserving antique pieces is his hobby. He claims to have 60 varieties of antique pieces numbering about 300. He said that he does not expect any aid from the Government but definitely wants the Tourist Department to give this museum some publicity so that visitors may enjoy a visit to this antique treasure. Presently Goel has preserved these antique pieces in the inner room of his watch shop, situated in the main market Sadar Bazar, Ranikhet.(D.N.Barola)

D.N.Barola / डी एन बड़ोला:
Man has stopped eating Man, but not killing Man?
            In the creation of the Almighty, Man is the most intelligent, powerful, yet horrible living being. During my early life, when I was a student of English Literature, I read an article by Joseph Lynd about this wonderful creation of God – The Man. I don’t remember the exact words but his narration of the Man was something like this. What a strange animal is the Man who walks with only two legs. His body has several joints, yet he can walk and run fast with two legs. In fact in the Universe all the animals stand with four legs, but Man is the only two-legged animal. Strange! The Man and his better half grow grass like hairs and enthusiastically decorate them and in the modern times now by spending a sizeable amount on hair decoration. Having two twinkling eyes, pregnant with
emotions, considers himself the best creation of the Universe and boasts of being the most beautiful living creation of the Almighty. Now he flies in the Sky, dives into the Sea and does anything or everything, which he ever fancied.   

            Always vigilant and fighting for his existence, man is a social animal. Looks after his kith and kin and now dutifully leads a married life, eats, excretes, sleeps and produces carbon copies of himself, sometimes frequently, thus adds up the numbers to his race. Man has no doubt stopped eating Man, but what a paradox has not stopped killing Man. Today Man is the most wretched and ruthless killer, as everyday we hear of the Terrorists killing innocent men and women. He has amassed all weapons of disaster. A soft push or touch on the Atomic Button by any Atomic Power Country can be instrumental in finishing off the living beings including human race. Very well knowing this he has redoubled his efforts to continue his efforts to amass mass weapons of destruction. He is trying to find cure for Cancer, Diabetes, Aids and other diseases, but new diseases appear to tell the Man that it is no use to challenge the God, who is Almighty, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. At least for now the Man must think and brood. He must think why he is killing his own race. He should stop killing man, if it so happens, world will again be a place to live at peacefully without and kind of fear. (D.N.Barola)


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