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Uttarayani घुघुतिया उत्तरायणी (मकर संक्रान्ति) उत्तराखण्ड का सबसे बड़ा पर्व

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Mohan Bisht -Thet Pahadi/मोहन बिष्ट-ठेठ पहाडी:

wah wah ho pankaj guru bhaute bhali jankari,, yo najkari dine lizi sukariya.. wah wah...

हेम पन्त:
Mahasankranti ke din Maagh Mahine ki shuruwaat hoti hai.....
Pehli raat ko (Poos Mahine ka antim din) sabhi gahro me aate se Ghughuti, khajure sail-puva  aadi pakwaan bannaye jaate hain... Jinhe subah Kauvvo ko khaane ke liye chhat par rakha jata hai.... bade utsaah se bachche apne gale mein ghghutiyo ko latka kar gaav bhar mein ghume hai...

kaale kauwwa ka-ka, poos ki roti maaghe kha.....


पंकज सिंह महर:
The Uttarayani Fair

Uttrayani fair is held in a number of places including Bageshwar, Rameshwar, Sult Mahadev, Chitrashila (Ranibagh) and Hanseshwar etc. on Uttarayani day. At Pancheshwar the dola of Chaumu comes down to the temple. The fair at Bageshwar attracts maximum people. Its commercial, cultural and political importance is still very high. Goods like iron and copper pots, baskets, casks, bamboo articles, mats, mattresses, carpets, blankets, herbs and spices are sold during this fair.

The Uttarayani fairs are often used as platforms by social and political workers and the Bageshwar fair specially has played an important role in all the local movements, as also in the freedom movement. In 1921 activists had given a call for the eventual eradication of the system of bonded labour known as coolie begar. In 1929 Gandhi ji came to Bageshwar. Many freedom fighters and folk singers have been closely associated with the Bageshwar fair. Even today the fair attracts a large number of people, who spend the whole night dancing and singing Jhoras, Chancharis and Bairas


पंकज सिंह महर:
GINDI MELA : GARHWAL (मकर संक्रान्ति के अवसर पर मनाया जाने वाला त्यौहार)
"Gindi Mela" is a major fair held in the southern part of Garhwal in Uttarakhand. This fair is celebrated during the auspicious festival of Makara Sankranti. It is a major event, attracting people from far and near to the villages where this fair is celebrated.
The Gindi fair is synonymous with bravery, joy and competitive spirits. The word ‘gindi’ means ‘ball’ in the local language. As the name suggests, this fair is marked by a ball game. The game involves teams from two different villages. The main aim in this game is to capture the ball. The team that succeeds to get the ball over its side is declared the winner. The winning team takes home the ball, amidst celebrations and dances.
I belongs to Patty Maniyarsuin (East) and I have been part of these melas and enjoys a lot. This time also, I am planning to go to my native place for celebrating/watch this auspicious festival.


एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Bahut sal ho gaye... Ghar Mai Ghughuti Nahi manayee...

Anyway pradesh mae bhi hum ghughuti manate hai..


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