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Why We Are Leaving Our Tradition? - हमारी संस्कृति में क्या बुराई है?

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राजेश जोशी/rajesh.joshee:
Dear friends,
Uttarakhand culture have great traditions for the years, we have almost one festival every month with start of a new month.  But in our present generation hardly any pahri can tell those all festival names.  But other hand leaving our great traditions and rich culture we are running behind the other culture accepting their traditions and customs.  It I feel shameful, we have to rethink about it, our traditions and customs should not become a fashion statement or influence of media hype.  I give you some examples:
1. Cake cutting and lighting off the candle, it is very wrong tradition we start every function or event with  lighting of lamp and in a birth day part we are doing just oppsite.  I feel it very objectionable, since we have also have our traditions of celebration of birthday with Kartkeya Puja and other rituals.
2. Karwa Chauth fast is very common nowadys due to the propeganda of medi but hardly any woman know about VAT SAVITRI AMAVASYA or HARITALI FAST.
3. Marriage celbrations are become now all punjabi show sha, Mehandi, Jai mala etc all are not in our tradition other hand we are not performing our customs in marriages.
4. We are leaving our old tradition of Jagaran, Jagar and Puja as it is orthodox and we are performing Mata ki Chowki and Mata ka jagrata which is totally commercialised.
I am not against any culture or traditions, but if we have some customs & traditions why should we leave them and accept others customs just because of media hype.
We have to learn from Punjabis that after show many set back they people remain their identity all over the world with their great traditions of Punjabis at the level that Punjabis become the symbol of Indian Culture.
I we want to identify ourselves as Uttarakhandi/Pahari we have to rethink over it and go to our roots and rediscover our great traditions, culture and customs.  I think there is nothing wrong in it and it is not against any other culture or people.
नही तो वही बात होगी कौवा चला हंस की चाल और भूला अपनी भी चाल

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Rajesh Ji,

I feel agree with you. We are losing our cultural values fast. We are adopting the cultural of Punjabi and otheres. I have never seen any state people adopting our culture rather thier cutlural is coming to us.

We agree that there due to modernization some changes are genuine but losing cultural values is great risk. May be in coming future, it will difficult to new generation to find the existence of our culture.

Anubhav / अनुभव उपाध्याय:
Rajesh Joshi ji aapne bahut sahi baat uthai hai. Lekin mere hisaab aaj ke daur main aap har cheej ko follow kar sakte hain. Meri wife aur relatives sabhi Karwachauth ka fast rakhte hain. Meri wife aur mother Ahoi Ashtami ka fast bhi rakhti hai. Humare ghar main Harela ur Ghee sagyaan bhi manaya jaata hai. Aaj jab kaafi Pahadi pichle 60-70 saalon se shaheron main aa ke bas gaye hain to wahan ka custom bhi follow karte hain.

राजेश जोशी/rajesh.joshee:
Anubhav ji,
Please dont misunderstand, adopting something from other culture if you feel is not aproblem at all.  But it should not be done on the cost of leaving your traditions values.  My only concern is first we should follow, aprreciate and spread our great traditions and customs.  I we have a traditional good system of celebrting birth day, why should we do it like the foreigners are doing.  My only conern is what is our identity, how can we identify ourselves as Uttarakhandi.
Thanks for your comments an views.

The great point raised by Rajesh. In my view one of the solution of the same is to create awareness among new generation about our culture. The karava chauth is celebrated because media is marketing it. Nobody is marketing Vat-Savitri. So we should take the initiative. How many of us know all the festivals and customes of our own culture.

This forum is started to fill that gap only. So let's creat awareness and everybody will start liking our culture.


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