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International Film Festival from 23rd April to 29th April 2010 at Dehradun- UK

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Alva for film development board in U’khand
Tribune News Service

Uttarakhand Governor Margaret Alva watches as former Uttarakhand Chief Minister ND Tiwari lights a lamp at the inauguration of the Uttarakhand Film Festival in Dehradun on Friday. A Tribune photograph

Dehradun, April 23
Governor Margaret Alva today emphasised the need to constitute a film development board and a separate film policy in the state.The state has a rich cultural heritage and the film industry should be promoted in a big way that would also boost tourism and economic activities in the state. “It would be appropriated that a film board and a film policy is drafted that is exclusive to Uttarakhand,” she said.

Speaking at the inauguration of Uttarakhand International Film Festival 2010, Alva said, “The first maiden film festival will prove to be a mile stone in the culturally rich state of Uttarakhand. The focus of the festival on save environment is equally relevant for the state and the word at large, battling with climate change and other environment disasters,” she added.

She said the week-long festival would provide an opportunity for film lovers, producers and directors to learn and interact with each other.

The Governor also inaugurated a poster competition based on the 50s 60s decade.

Parashar Gaur:
no report ?   
what happened ..... about his festival  org by Dr Varmaji ?


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