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Free Finance Related On-Line Consultancey by Mr Pankaj Mathpal- पंकज मठपाल जी

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एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:


It is matter of pride for merapahad portal that Mr Pankaj Mathpal, Certified Financial Planner and Columnist like Economic Times, Outlook etc has joined merapahad Portal who will be answering your finance related queries here. Mr Mathpal ji basically belongs to Syalde area of Almora Distt and settled in Mumbai. 

So it is a great opportunity for all of us to get answer of our finance related queries. We are sure that you will spread this message and will avail the free constancy being provided by Mr Mathpal.

You can leave your queries here and Pankaj ji will be answering them regularly.

About Mathpal JI.

Pankaj Mathpal is a  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM focused on comprehensive Financial Planning and Tax & Estate Planning issues for private clients. He has earned the CFPCM designation from the Financial Planning Standard Board, India

CFPCM certification is the highest professional designation that can be given to a financial planner. It is the most prestigious and internationally accepted qualification, recognized and respected by the global financial community, rated as Gold Standard by Wall Street Journal.

He lectures frequently on topics such as Retirement Planning, Human Life Value and Insurance Planning, investment planning, planning for children education and Marriage, tax efficient income generation, Tax Planning & estate planning.

Pankaj Mathpal has passion for working with people to ensure that their financial strategy suits their life and goals.

Pankaj Mathpal is also a consultant at Financial Planning Standards Board India. Apart from encouraging student to enroll for CFPCM certification program he also trains and guides them in preparing for their exams.

Pankaj Mathpal on CNBC Awaj


News Cutting of Economic Times.

Second. cutting


M S Mehta

P S : Special Thanks to Mr Rajneesh Agnihorti, our Senior Member, for introducing Pankaj with Merapahad portal.

Ravinder Rawat:
Gr8 to hear... :) :)
Hope more & more people take advantage of it... and surely it will help me to acquire more knowledge in Finance and Tax...
Thnx.. :) :D

I am grateful to Mr. Rajneesh Agnihotri and Mr. M.S.Mehta for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this esteemed group.

I request all members to post their quarries related to their personal finance. I shall be happy to address the same.

Ravinder Rawat:
Mathpal Ji,
Sadar Namaskar
In Current the Tax deduction U/S 80C of  Income Tax Act 1962 is Rs 100,000.
My question is that how should we utilise it to maximise and to create our fund.
How the portfolio should be created comprising of PF, ULIP, ELIP, NSS, NSC, KVP etc?
Thanks. :) :)

Ravinder Rawat:
Mathpal Ji,
Please share some techniques/ points to be used to analyse any stock(share) in order to purchase any stock in market or IPO.


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