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Free/Voluntary Online Consultancy On Science & Technology By Dr. Shailesh Upreti

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एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:


If anybody wants to make Career in Science and Technology field, please post of queries pertaining to the related field under this section. Our Senior Member Dr Shailesh Upreti who is currently in USA, will provide the necessary guidance.

We would request you to please avail this facility and take guidance from Dr Upreti whosoever wants to make Career in the field of Science and Technology.


Dr. Shailesh Upreti is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. During graduation, he significantly contributed to synthesis, analysis and characterization of various new organic and organic/inorganic hybrid molecules. His study focused on   poly-oxometalates known for their catalytic, photochromic, electrochromic, anti-tumor, -viral, –bacterial and sensing properties. Exploring different methods of material characterization skilled him in advanced techniques of X-ray Crystallography, NMR, Spectroscopy, Chromatography and various thermal methods. He holds expertise and extensive experience in characterizing a variety of single-crystals/powder/thin-film organic, inorganic, hybrid, mineral, organometallic or drug samplesusing contemporary X-ray diffraction/scattering/absorption techniques.

His research findings have been published in more than 50 peer-reviewed international journals and about 20 conference proceedings world-wide. Impact of the work has been substantial enough to trigger and/or influence many other research projects in academics as well as in industry.

In February 2007, he joined the Research Foundation at Binghamton University as a post doctoral research scientist. At SUNY, Binghamton he has been primarily working on industrially viable synthesis routes, structural chemistry and electrochemical properties of next generation electrode materials for Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. In addition to this he also supports bio-organic, organometallic and bio-inorganic groups on X-ray crystallographic fronts.
His, research efforts have been recognized with honors and awards such as Junior Research Fellowship from DST, Government of India in 2000, three best presentation awards in esteemed international conferences in 2003, 2004 and 2005, and Piyush Kumar Shukla Outstanding Research Scholar award in 2007. On the multidisciplinary front he has gained reasonable understanding and essence of scientific research especially in chemistry and materials science."



M S Mehta

हेम पन्त:
Great!!!! I Hope students and others will surely get benefit from Dr. Upreti's valuable guidance   ...

dayal pandey/ दयाल पाण्डे:
Dr Shailesh Upreti is very Helpful & Very Knowledgeable I think It will be great help for our student who want to make career in Science.

Mohan Bisht -Thet Pahadi/मोहन बिष्ट-ठेठ पहाडी:
bahut badiya mehta ji sahi mai dr. uperti jaise nature wise apne aap mai help full hai to science field mai to unhe maharath hasil hai jarur sabhi ki madad karenge .. bahut sundar step liya hai

aaap sabhi ke protsahan ke liye bahut bahut dhanyawaad,,,,Mehata ji ka ye step wastav main bahut hi achcha hai...


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