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Uttarakhandi On Everest - उत्तराखंड का दल एवरेस्ट चोटी पर


Kiran Rawat:
In June 2009 a group of NIM- Uttarkashi instructors have done Everest Expedition which was published on the cover page of BRUNCH a Sunday magzine of Hindustan Times

The team is comprised of 18 member including 2 doctors. The names are
Team Leader- Col MM Masur
Satal Singh, Vinod Gusain, Dashrat Rawat, Dinesh Rawat, Pratap Singh Bisht, Kushal Singh Ranan, Vishvashwar Semwal, Avdesh Bhatt & Meena Panwar

three cheers for the group  

sky is not the limit


हेम पन्त:
Congratulations to whole team for this BIG success. We hope they will scale many more heights in coming future.

पंकज सिंह महर:
पर्वतारोहण दल के सभी सदस्यों को उनकी इस उपलब्धि पर मेरा पहाड़ परिवार की ओर से हार्दिक बधाइयां।

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Congratulations to the entire team.

We are proud of you !!!

Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering- (NIM) - Govt Orgnization conduct such event.


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