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How To Download Songs From ESnips? - ई स्निप्स से गानें कैसे डाउनलोड करें?

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Risky Pathak:
Hello All.

Here is a completely new thing for all of you. As Most of songs available here are Uploaded on ESnips. Many Users ask that they want to download them and store them on portable device. Previously it was easy to download from Esnips using Various Downloader(Orbit etc). But Now Esnips has changed its interface using Shockwave Flash Player to run audio Files. So Now a days its Impossible to download those Fabulous Songs.

But I have a found a way which is somewhat complex but u will get full MP3 stored on ur PC.

The Steps are in My Next Posts:----

Risky Pathak:
First of all u have to download Opera Internet Browser.

You can get it from

Install it and after completion run it.

Put the Address of Esnips in the address bar and play the song as u play it on other browser.

Listen Whole song. Or i mean to sat Play Song Completely. Now song has been saved to ur PC. It has been saved in the Cache of Opera.
The Real work starts now and that is to find it...

If you are using Operating System as Windows, Then Go to ur Root Directory(In Drive in which your Operating System is Installed)..Most Probably its C Drive....

Now Click Folder in the sequence below explained...

Root Drive(C:)-->Documents and Settings-->User(The Current  User through which you are logged on.. Either Admistrator, Guest or Other....)-->Application Data-->Opera-->Opera--> Profile-->cache4

Now You Have Reached to Cache folder. in This Folder you will see lots of File of Different Type. Search Here for Audio File(.Mp3,.wav,.wma etc...). There were few file of Audio and one of them will be your Downloaded songs. Remember this file has system generated name. Copy This file to where you want to.

I know this method is hard but still there is no other way.

Queries Are Welcome...

Himanshu Pathak

Risky Pathak:
How to play a Esnips file in Opera Browser.

Risky Pathak:
How to locate Saved Mp3 in ur Operating System.

पंकज सिंह महर:
बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद अभियंता महोदय, इस कार्य को सुगम बनाने के लिये।


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