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Hello Friends

Members who are looking for job can paste their cvs here

thanks and regards
Suchira Mehta

42-Chandra’s House           
RBI Colony Main Road
Banglore-24 Ganganagar
Mobile No. - 9916831889
e-mail: anuragbhatt30@gmail.com

Anurag Bhatt
To work in a challenging and responsible position where my professional background can be utilized for the progress of the organization and to update myself with the latest technologies, so as to enable myself to establish in future.
Professional Qualifications
•   B.TECH from IITT College Of ENGG Pojewal from Punjab Technical University, with an aggregate of 75.09% in Computer Science & Engineering  in 2007.
Computing Skills
•   Languages Proficiency : C(Functions,Pointers,Preprocessor,Arrays,Structures), 
                                          C++( OOP’s Concepts, Data Structure,Virtual functions), 
                                          Java/J2EE(JVM knowledge,Garbage collection,Exception).
•   Operating Systems       : Windows 98/2000/XP.
•   Database Tools             : ORACLE 9i, My SQL.
Academic Projects
Project Title         : GSM based data acquisition and control system using AT89C52 

            Contents of project      : Programming for LCD.
                                                     Programming for RS-232 port interfacing.
                                                     Programming for ADC (analog to digital converter)   
                                                     Programming for relay driver with delay for connecting appliance.
                                                     Programming for keyboard. AT commands of GSM for incoming and                 
                                                     outgoing SMS.
            Project Requirements  : Mobile phone with modem, user mobile, PC if need for application                         
                                                     Programming like Exchange information, bank, entertainment etc.
            Team Size                      : 3
            Platform Used               : RIDE IDE 6.1
            Language Used             : Embedded C
Software Professional Training Program, Career A+, Bangalore 
Duration                      :  2 months       
Project                         :  Cricket Information System
Team size                   :  7
Software Used          :  Java, JSP, MYSQL
Role                             :  Designer, Developer and Tester
Cricket Information System keeps record of all the cricket matches played till today. In this system                 JAVA has been used as FRONT END and MYSQL as BACKEND. To store the records user has to fill-up some forms and the details will be automatically stored in database as soon as submit button is clicked. To retrieve data from it, user has to click on the required option, and the result will be printed in new screen.   
   It can be accessed by any user in the network.
   It supports Internet explorer and Mozilla explorer.
   It stores data in minute detail fashion.
   It keeps record of all type of matches, even of T-20 also.
   The system is very economical.
Academic Background
•   12th from UA Board, with an aggregate of  63.04% in 2002.

Extracurricular Activities
•   An active participant in live concerts and won two certificates from Shiamak Davar dance academy.   
•   Played and won first prize several times in Chess & Cricket at school Level.
Personal Details
             Name                                :   Anurag Bhatt   
             Father’s Name                  :   Shri. J.P.Bhatt
             Hobbies                            :   Playing cricket, cooking, reading and excursions to places of                                     
                                                            tourist interest and also new places.
             Permanent Address            :   Uphalda Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand-246174                                           
             Phone No                         :     01346-253057
             Date of Birth                   :   02-09-1986

             I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I                   
             bear  the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars. 

Place: Bangalore                                                                                                                 

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Suchira Ji,

This is good thead.. Our members can post their resumes under this thread and may be many us can guide them or send some information whereever there is opening in thier firms etc.

Dear All Kumaoni Brother/Sister

My one uttaranchali friends want a job in Delhi area.
Its my request to all my kumaoni brother & sister plz
help him to findout job. I have attached his RESUME
for you kind attention. Now the days he is in delhi
and searching a job.

So plz help him




Address:      E-Mail:
# A-293, St. No. 11      joshi_ptu@yahoo.com
West Vinod Nagar      joshi_ptu@hotmail.com
New Delhi - 92               
                           Mobile No.:   +91-98913-23162
                           Phone No.:   +91-11-22473420            


   To Procure a Decent Job with Respectable Salary & Facilities and to gain Higher Position with
Hard Work, Intelligence & Honestly.

   Higher Secondary (10th) from Punjab School Education Board, Mohali.
   Senior Secondary (12th) from Punjab School Education Board, Mohali.

   B.Sc. [IT] Bachelor of Science [Information Technology] from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar.
   6 months course of Computer Fundamental. [M-S Office, Windows, etc.]

1.   Office Tools:
   M-S Word, M-S Excel, M-S Power Point, etc.
2.   Operating Systems:
   M-S DOS, Win 9x / Millennium / XP and 2000 Professional.
3.   Programming Languages:
   ‘C’ Language, ‘C++’ Language, FoxPro, HTML/DHTML, etc.
4.     Networking:
   Basically knowledge about Networking (LAN). Fully knowledge about Internet accessing and its operations.
5.   Software’s:
   Microsoft Office 97” – 2000”, Adobe PageMaker 6.5, Adobe PhotoShop 6.0, and Corel 8.0, etc.
6.   Hardware’s:
   Installations & Setups of Windows, RAM, Floppy Drives, C.D. Drives, Hard-Disk Drives, Sound Cards, Scanners, LAN Cards, etc.

   Ability to work in a Team.
   Ability to work under Pressure of Deadlines and Targets.

   1 year in Nimbua Greenfield Punjab Ltd. (Vardhman Spinning & Gen. Mills), Ludhiana as a Secretarial Assistant.
   1 year in Deptt. of Distance Education (Thapar Institute of Engg. & Tech., Patiala) as a Clerk-Typist.
   About 1 year in ICIT Computer Education (An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Organization) as a Computer Teacher.

   Making Good Friends.
   Traveling.
   Internet Surfing.
   Listening to Music

Father’s Name         :      Sh. Ghana Nand Joshi
Date of Birth            :      01-03-1984
Marital Status         :      Single
Religion            :      Hindu (Brahman)
Nationality            :      Indian
Permanent Address         :      # 272, Adarsh Colony, Behind Thapar Engg.
                     College, Patiala (Punjab) 147001


Email     satishmail1984@gmail.com
Phone    +91 9916060543

Permanent Address:
S/o Sri M.C.Mishra,
East Pokhar Khali,
Present Address:
42-Chandra’s House,
RBI Colony Main Road, 

Date of Birth: 02 July 1985 
Age             :  22yrs
Gender       :  Male
Nationality  :  Indian

Career   Objective:
To work in a challenging environment with utmost dedication and enhance career prospects.
Technical Skills
Operating Systems:
                                   Dos, Windows(98, 2000, ME & XP),                  Linux (Red hat 5.0).
Languages Proficiency :
                                   C(Functions, Pointers, Operation On Strings, Structures ),
                                   C++(OOP’s Concepts, Classes, Data                Structures, Virtual Functions, Exception Handling,                DMA Concepts),
                                   JAVA (Core).                                   
Areas of Interest.
   C, C++,Computer Networks.
   Computer Hardware.
Personal Skills.
   Good Team Player.
   Strong Ability to learn the new technology faster.
   Punctuality, Self Confidence.
Languages known:
   English, Hindi, Punjabi.

   Active member of NSS Unit (National Service Scheme) at college level.

   Took participation in debate competition and paper presentation at university level. .

   Active member of NCC Unit at school level.


   Good planning and organizing skills.
   Ability to work in team and individually.
   Comprehensive Problem solving ability


Title         :     Anusaaraka.

Role             :           Developer

Duration         :   6 Months (1Jan to 31 Jul 2006)

Team Size           :    3

Work Station    :    International Institute Of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India.

Software           :         C, HTML, LEX.

Requirements   :    For translate one Indian language into another

Anusaaraka is computer software which renders text from one Indian language into another. It produces output which is comprehensible to the reader, although at times it might sound odd. For example, a Telugu to Hindi Anusaaraka can take a Telugu text and produce output in Hindi which can be understood by a Hindi reader. However, the reader will require some amount of training for reading the output
   Involved in Research and Development (R&D).
   Involved in Manual Testing.
    Educational Qualifications:
   Completed BTECH from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar from 2003-2007 with 68%.
   Completed Intermediate from Govt. Inter College, Almora from 1999-2001 with 60%.
   Completed SSC from Govt. Inter College, Almora from 1997-1999 with 64%.

I am also confident of my ability to work in a team. I hereby declare that the information furnished above it true to the best of my knowledge.

Place: Bangalore                        (Satish Mishra)


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