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हेम पन्त:
That's great Joshi ji!!!!!!!
Can I know where r ur roots in Uttarakhand.....which place you belong to ????????

--- Quote from: shivjoshi on October 18, 2007, 12:33:20 PM ---
--- Quote from: M S Mehta on October 18, 2007, 12:17:26 PM ---
Joshi Ji,

Since when you have been involved in Music Industry of Uttarakhand ?

Do you think that UK Music Industry has made on progress ?

--- End quote ---

Basically, I was the Hindi Singer and keyboard player. But I many a times heard few songs from my mother and father.  Once I heard a song KELE BAJE MURULI. It has touched my heart and soul. Since then I thought I will also inclined to my own music. But I didnot get any chance.

One day one of my friends house there is a Jagran and he didnt find any keyboard player. So he called me and I joined him. He introduced me one Mr. Devraj Rangeela, he is also music Director of UK. I have played keyboard with this guy from 1997 to 2002 and saw what is in our music.  Suddenly, he has dropped me as he wanted to introduce his son with him.

So afterthat I again joined Hindi show fields and one day I went to Almora Golu Jee Ke Mandir and told him whether I would be able to stand myself in this field because I am not well versed with Kumaoni and Garhwali. And I came back Delhi. Since then I have not seen back.  Because I dont have any musical support, no family members. I am only one and every company call me due to my work and dedication. And for your information I do only 1 -2 album in a month.


--- End quote ---

my dear friends you can ask any kind of questins. But excuse me for 10 minutes as I have to go for my lunch. If u dont mind. I will give reply of each of your words.


एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Joshi Ji,

It is said that you have been giving breaks to new comers specially. How do you feel working with them ?. This is indeed a job. Generally, it is seen that a established Music Director prefers to work with  popular singers.

हेम पन्त:
Joshi ji I've heard that music cos. make a audio cassette for any body who can spend 25-30k bucks.....but a good singer with no money can never make it to release his audio cassette........Is it true?????????

पंकज सिंह महर:
शिवजी नमस्कार, पैलाग, जयदेव,

महाराज, आज के संगीत में हमारे प्राचीन और पारम्परिक वाद्य यंत्रो का प्रयोग क्यों नहीं हो रहा?
यदि डी०जे० की बजाय हुड़्का, दमुवा, मशकबीन, तुतुरी का प्रयोग हो तो हमारी सांस्क्रतिक विरासत भी बची रहेगी और कर्णप्रिय संगीत तो मिलेगा ही, आशा है आप भविष्य में एक ऎसी सी०डी० बनायें, जिसमें हुड़्का, दमुवा, मशकबीन, तुतुरी की धुनें हों.


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