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Anubhav / अनुभव उपाध्याय:

Chandra Singh Garhwali will be remembered for posterity as a brave soldier and a revolutionary, who had shown great courage, patriotism as a freedom fighter while serving as a soldier.   He was born in 1891 in Rauni Sera village of district Garhwal (now in district Chamoli). In 1930, severe riots had broken out in Peshawar city when a procession was being taken out by Pathans in support of the ‘Salt Satyagraha’. Some of the troops led by Chandra Singh Garhwali refused to open fire on the demonstrators and he ordered a cease-fire. Consequently a large number of the soldiers followed his action. Chandra Singh Garhwali was the man behind this incident.   Chandra Singh Garhwali was tortured and was sentenced to rigorous imprisonment by the Britishers along with 59 other serving soldiers. This great soldier and freedom fighter died on 1st October 1979 at the age of 88 years.

Anubhav / अनुभव उपाध्याय:

Anusuya Prasad Bahuguna will be remembered as a great patriot and gallant freedom fighter  who sacrificed his life for the country. He was born in 1919 a place near chamoli. In 1919-20, when the non-cooperation movement was taking place in the country, agitations also startrd in the hill region against the age old custom of ‘Begar Bardayash’ (Compulsory provision of porters for carriage of luggage of British administrators without any payment). This agitation was jointly led by Ansuya Prasad from Garhwal region. And Badri Dutt Pandey and Victor Mohan Joshi from Kumaon region which resulted in the end of the custom. In 1930, he took part actively in the Salt Satyagrah. In 1937 he was elected as a member of the provicial assembly and continued to work for the progress of Garhwal region.   

Anubhav / अनुभव उपाध्याय:

Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna was born on 25th April, 1919 in Bughani village of district Pauri Garhwal. In 1942, he led the Quit India Movement at Allahabad. As British Government declared a prize of Rs. 10,000 on catching him live or dead, he went underground to continue the freedom struggle but later arrested. He was tortured and sentenced to rigorous imprisonment by the Britishers but released in 1945 due to illness. After independence, he held a number of important portfolios in state and central governments. This great leader was died on 17th March 1989.

Anubhav / अनुभव उपाध्याय:

Jagmohan Singh Negi will be remembered in the history of Uttarakhand as a great freedom fighter, administrator and above all a learned scholar who represented Garhwal region during and after the freedom struggle along with Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant from Kumaon region.  Jagmohan Singh Negi has been described as ‘Jawahar of Uttarakhand’ who served the people of this region for thirty-eight years. He was born on 5th July 1905 at Kandi village of district Pauri Garwhal. In 1925, he successfully organized the youth movement in his area for boycotting the elections of the state council. On October, 1930 he organized yet another meeting attended by thousands of people at the historic place of Yamkeshwar Block in district Pauri Garhwal. This meeting shook the British administration and later he was arrested and awarded imprisonment. He was elected as a member of the Provincial assembly in the year 1936. After independence, he held various portfolios in the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet. This great man of Uttarakhand expired on 30 May 1968.

Anubhav / अनुभव उपाध्याय:

Baldev Singh Arya was born in 1912 in Umath village of district Pauri Garhwal. In 1930, he was sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for six months by the Britishers for the anti government speech. He had played very important role in ‘Doli Palki Movenment’ for the rights of lower castes. This great leader was died 1992.


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