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Famous Shiv Temples In Uttarakhand - उत्तराखंड मे महादेव के प्रसिद्ध मन्दिर

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At an altitude of 6,191 M on Indo Tibet border in High Himalayas in Bhotiya country, Adi-Kailash (Chhota Kailash) or Baba Kailash is situated. Trekking from Tawaghat to Jollingkong one can reach here. On the way at Navidhang sacred Hindu peak named Om Parvat, elevation 6,191 M, is visible.

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Kapileshwar Mahadev (PITHORAGARH DISTT)

The cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva affords fine view of the Soar valley and lofty Himalayan peaks. This temple is three kilometers from Pithoragarh.

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Shri Sidhi Vinaykeshwar Mahadev, Jarti Village Disst (Bageshwar)

There is big temple of Lord Shiva in the village. The shivling was discovered by a Rishi "Seetaram Baba" Ji.  Then pepole made temple of Lord Shiva here.

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Garur is situated in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand State in India. Nearby places include Kausani, Baijnath, Gwaldam and Bageshwar. Baijnath has an ancient temple constructed by Kumaoni kings.It is nearly 50 kilometres from Almora . It is a big valley region with scenic beauty all around.Tourists from all over north India flock this place in summers

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Kamleshwar Mahadev (Srinagar Garwal)

Kamleshwar Mahadev-- Dedicated to God Shiva this has quiet a few fan following. About its origin, there is a story that once God Vishnu came to this place and seeing the beauty of this place decided to pray to God Shiva and to offer him 1000 Lotus(Kamal) as a token of devotion. So he collected the 1000 Kamal and started his prayer. Shiva to test his devotion quietly hide one of the lotus(kamal) from amongst the 1000.When Vishnu came to the end of his prayers he realised that there was one Lotus missing. Now to leave the prayer without offering the 1000 lotus flowers as he had committed in the start would be disrespect so Vishnu thought of another way. He remembered that he is known as KamalNayan (one with beautiful lotus shaped eyes), so he pick up his sword to pull out one of his eye to offer it as the last lotus. But before he could actually do it, Shiva appeared before him smiling with the lotus in his hand. So in order to celebrate this incidence a temple was built and inside is Shiva is worshiped with the name of Kamaleshwer(God with the Lotus Flower)


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