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पंकज सिंह महर:
       इस टोपिक के अन्तर्गत हम उत्तराखण्ड के विभिन्न पर्यटक स्थलो के बारे में जानकारी देंगे। जिन स्थानों पर व्यापक सूचना नहीं है और हमें लगता है कि यह एक पर्यटक स्थल के रुप में विकसित है या हो सकता है, उनकी जानकारी यहां पर दी जायेगी।

पंकज सिंह महर:
हमारे फोरम के नये सदस्य श्री डी०एन० बरोला जी ने रानीखेत के बारे में निम्न जानकारी दी है।

Ranikhet – a paradise for tourists.

Before reaching Ranikhet one has to stop for a while at China View, a beautiful place where Cantonment employee checks your toll tax receipt. This is a place from where you can have a glance of a wonderful sun-set. The scintillating beauty of the hills and sprawling valleys, which is visible from here, is simply marvelous. The chirping of birds returning towards their nests pronounce that the Sun God is now slowly yet certainly vanishing away in the horizon to appear on the other side of the Globe. The walk between China View and Ranikhet Club is simply superb. One is overawed to see the natural beauty of the Oak, Pine and Deodars spread over a large area. In appreciation of this walk some times back there used to be a hoarding depicting a slogan. ‘In hills it is fashion to walk and not to ride in a car’.  But this slogan is now missing. One more curve and you are near the Commandant’s Drive. Walking through the serpentine roads, you may come across a hoarding special for the attention of the Motorists-‘Curves please, slowly measure’. This reminds me of a writer describing a lady lying in pronate posture with her raised head, as a landscape of hills and valleys. This hoarding has also vanished away long back ago. There used to be another hoarding waning the rash and negligent drivers-‘It is better to be 10 minutes late here, then to die 10 years early’.

Jhula Devi Temple to Chaubatia used to be a really dense forest. Though things have not changed much yet, but the dense forest is craving for ecological conservation.  A few days back I went to Chaubatia, and on my way, I was pleasantly surprised to see a slogan “Leopards have the right of way” in Hindi and English both. I know the Leopards or other beasts would not be able to read it, but then the two legged specie called The Man can certainly read it. Such slogans at solitary spots do create an atmosphere to think and to brood over and therefore are most welcome.
It was this very month of October that I was a looking to the glanderous beauty of the Himalayas. The beautiful snowy Himalayan Peaks change colours frequently. The divine beauty of the Himalayas can be observed right from Sun rise to Sun set. Especially in October, the scenic beauty of Ranikhet is simply fantastically marvelous. During this month, the sky is absolutely without blemish. Trees and plants bathed in rain, stand in grandeur, spreading their breeze blow majestically is if bow their head to receive the visitors for the sojourn at Ranikhet. This is charm of this hill station called Ranikhet. Would you believe that 480 Km. long range of Himalayas is visible at one go from Ranikhet? Himalayas are hardly 90 Kms. away from Ranikhet as the crow flies. The Himalayan Peaks visible are Trishul, Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, Nanda Ghunti Chaukhamba, Hathi Parvat, Gaura Parvat,Bandar Puchh, Bharatkhanta, Kedarpeak, , Sukam Peak, Nandakhat, Bhanumati Peak, Panchuli Peak.etc. In all 200 Peaks are sighted from Ranikhet. Some of the Peaks are more than 6000 Meters in height.

Ranikhet has a number of tourist spots. Ashiyana Park and the Ranee Jheel are the latest attractions. With Ranikhet being given a place of honour in ‘International Gateway’ at Zone 5 by the World Tourism Organization, Ranikhet is bound to develop further as a premier tourist destination.(By D.N.Barola)

पंकज सिंह महर:
उपत :

रानीखेत-अल्मोड़ा मोटर-मार्ग के पाँचवें किलोमीटर पर उपत नामक रमणीय स्थल है।  कुमाऊँ की रमणीयता इस स्थल पर और भी आकर्षक हो जाती है।  उपत में नौ कोनों वाला विशाल गोल्फ का मैदान है।  गोल्फ के शौकीन यहाँ गर्मियों में डेरा डाले रहते हैं।  रानीखेत समीप होने की वजह से सैकड़ों प्रकृति-प्रेमी और पर्वतारोही भी इस क्षेत्र में भ्रमणार्थ आते रहते हैं।  प्रकृति का स्वच्छन्द रुप उपत में छलाक हुआ दृष्टिगोचर होता है।  रानीखेत से प्रतिदिन सैलानी यहाँ आते रहते हैं।

पंकज सिंह महर:

The snow-covered mountains of Khirsu offer a panoramic view of the Central Himalayas and attracts a large number of toursits. From here one can get a clear view of many named and unnamed peaks.
Located 19 km away from Pauri at an altitude of 1,700 m, Khirsu is a peaceful spot, free from pollution. The tranquility of the adjoining thick oak and deodar forests and apple orchards, is broken only by the chirping of birds.
The ancient temple of Ghandiyal Devta, in the vicinity, is well worth a visit. Accommodation is available at the Tourist Rest House and Forest Rest House.

पंकज सिंह महर:
Doodhatoli situated at an altitude of 3100 m, is covered with dense mixed forests. Thalisain is the last bus terminus (100 km from Pauri), from where Doodhatoli is at a distance of 24 km by trek. One of the most picturesque places, it commands a panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges and the surrounding areas.
The indomitable freedom fighter of Garhwal, Veer Chandra Singh Garwali, was enamoured by the place. As was his last wish, a memorial in his name has been erected here after his death. A humble but bold memorial in his name creates a 'never say die' atmosphere under the tall oak trees.


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