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Uttarakhand Himalaya ke Chanchari Geet evam Nritya ‘Chanchari Jhamako’: Every Uttarakhandi should have the book
  Folk Literature Historian: Bhishma Kukreti
    Uttarakhandi are fortunate that there has been satisfactory works on collection, editing and publishing Folk Literature of Garhwal, Kumaon, Jaunsar, Jaunpur and Ravain regions. Yes! Off course little work is done for Malhas or Bhotiya folk literature.
 Nand Kishor Hatwal brought marvelous folk dance-songs collection book in 2009 as ‘Uttarakhand Himalaya ke Chanchari Geet evam Nritya ‘Chanchari Jhamako’.
     The present folk dance-songs collection is comprehensive collections of folk dance and songs from number of songs but translating them in Hindi too.
 There are six major sections on Uttarakhandi folk dance-songs in this book-
                               Chapters in Part -1
1-Introduction: learned scholar Hatwal defined Chanchari and explains names of Chanchari
2-  Chanchari Folk Songs Theme: In this section, Hatwal illustrates folklores, history , rituals, pathetic women positions, Khud, music instruments, nature and ecology, nationality in folk literature etc.   
3-Creation of Folk Dance –Songs: Dr. Nand Kishor explains the styles of various folk songs in this chapter
4-Ttile of folk dance- songs
5,6- Dance- Songs Forms
7- Music system in Folk dance-Songs
8-Expension of songs and ending
9, 10, 11 –Classification of Uttarakhandi Dance- Songs
12,13,-Folk songs facing time
                              Part -2
 This chapter has 11 subchapters explain occasions for folk dance –songs; mottos, stages, dancers, presentation, importance, females, preservation etc of folk dance- songs
             -  Part -3
   The renowned scholar Hatwal offered Uttarakhandi dance-folk songs as per classification
   There are 244 Uttarakhandi folk dance and songs in the present collection. Hatwal offered Hindi translation for each song and introductory notes for each folk song. Hatwal offered English translation of various songs translated by various folk song experts.
 Hatwal uses simple language for explanation. 
Nand Kishor is an artist too. He illustrated drawings for showing style and sequences of each major folk dance of Garhwal and Kumaun.
   The book is comprehensive collection of Kumauni, Garhwali folk dance and songs.
        Critics appreciate the work of Dr. Nand Kishor Hatwal for collection, editing, translating and classifying Folk dance-songs as people and critics appreciate works of Charles k. Wolfe; Lawrence Lee;   J.L. Campbell; Lomax; Vadim Prokhorov; N.C Burlin; D. Gorlin; Ann Buchnanan; A.M. Espinosa; C.Aonzo, C. Ponzoni and many .
  Every Uttarakhandi should keep the book in their personal library
Uttarakhand Himalaya ke Chanchari Geet evam Nritya ‘Chanchari Jhamako
Edited by: Dr. Nand Kishor Hatwal
Illustration Language: Hindi
Year of publication: 2009
Publisher: Winsar Publishing Company, 4, Dispensary Road Dehradun
Price- 395/-
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 2016


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