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PTA teachers who Left job on 2001 can get job again


 Mr. Vinod Kimothi well known  RTI activist and social worker detected a case of PTA  ....................
PTA teachers in Govt. aided School who had worked up to 2001 and left job for any reason have capacity to pay hefty some now will get their Jobs back  with Govt. scale and salary .
In a significant decision from DIRECTOR of  Education Uttarakhand ordered  to absorbe left PTA teachers in vacant post of any Govt. aided schools of Uttarakhand .
   In one similar case DEO Dehradun by the order of DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION Uttarakhand  Dehradun, absorbed One  PTA teachers who had worked up to  2001 and Left the job of Rs500 for higher salary of Public School where he worked  up to 2004.After leaving school another teacher was appointed on his post.
          When Govt. decided to pay salary to regular working PTA teachers of aided school, he too applied for that. But due to joining of another regular teacher on his place and his absence in that Aided School and working in other place at the time of issuance of  salary GO on 2003 The Education official of that time holding seat declined his application.This PTA fellow moved to court getting no relief.BUT.......
   After 10 years by the virtue of .....golden  hand ...... Director of  Education ordered to DEO Dehradun to adjust him in Any Govt. aided school and pay salary. After this order this PTA fellow ......adjusted School management.....by his good will....and good deal.....AND.got appointment in Gorkha Military Inter College Dehradun as an Lecturer.
   It is GOOD news to all veteran PTA teachers who LEFT his PTA job 10 years before and  working in Low salary job any where OR on Road for surge of good livelihood EDUCATION DEPARTMENT UTTARAKHAND is for your help. Invest SMARTLY.....Enjoy...Happily.
             I posted several reports on it Earlier.....I hope KHANDURI JI.....Factor...will change        this Image of  UTTARakhand.

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Thanks Rawat posting this case here.

There were many cases of scam and i can say all the limits had been crossed during the Nishank Tenure in Uttarakhand.

वो हिंदी में एक कहावत है " जैसी राजा तैसी प्रजा" 

राजा को देखकर ही वहां के हर विभाग भी भ्रष्ट गया था!  चलो देखे आगे क्या होता है. पर उत्तराखंड को विकास चाहिए..

Himalayan Warrior /पहाड़ी योद्धा:

People Hope so..

Now Maj Gen Khanduri is back in power. This matter should be taken with him now.


एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:
Will this be helpful to eradicate the corruption from  uttarakhand?
Khanduri sets up anti-corruption department
Continuing his anti-graft campaign, Uttarakhand Chief Minister B.C. Khanduri on Tuesday announced the setting up of a new department to fight against corruption and ensure good governance and public service.
This department will be under the charge of the Chief Minister, an official statement quoted Chief Secretary Subhash Kumar as saying.


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