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Uttarakhand got 6800 Cr Annual Plan Frm Planning Commission-But where it goes ?

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एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:


Uttarakhand has got Rs 6800 Crs Annual Plan from Planning Commission for year 2010. Almost same amount was given last year to Uttarakhand but where it was utilized. Anyone knows. See the rural, health, education and other condition of Uttarahkand.

1. Why have Uttarkahand tourism not got any boost ?

2. Where is the employment ?

3. Why people are migrating from hills on just a double rate.?

4. Why the health services are so pathetic?

5. Where is the road connectivity ?

There are numerable questions. We doubt such huge amount is not being properly utilized in Uttarakhand.   

Your views are most welcome on this topic.


M S Mehta

See the details news about budget ?

Annual plan for Uttarakhand fixed at Rs 6800 crore

The Annual Plan outlay for Uttarakhand for 2010-11 was fixed at Rs   6800 crore at a meeting here today between Planning Commission Deputy   Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia and state Chief Minister Ramesh   Pokhriyal.
  During the discussions on the plan, Mr Ahluwalia congratulated the   state on the successful completion of the Maha Kumbh Mela. He said the   historical event, which required major infrastructure development and   organizational skills, had been conducted in a manner that had been   widely appreciated.
  Efforts to restore the pristine character of the river Ganga as well   as the ancient city of Haridwar, must be continued, he said. He also   said the Centre and the state should work together to implement the   on-going projects of the Ganga Action Plan.
  Mr Ahluwalia said it was commendable that Uttarakhand was among the   three special category states which had been mentioned by the 13th   Finance Commission for prudent fiscal management, despite non-cost   disabilities, in recognition of which a special performance grant of Rs   1000 crore had been provided for by it.
  He said the state government must reinforce this good track record   and ensure that the fiscal deficit was brought down to 3 per cent and   its total debt to 30 per cent of the Gross State Domestic Product as   early as possible.
  Mr Ahluwalia said Uttarakhand had great potential in terms of natural   resources, which should be harnessed to generate sustainable growth and   income opportunities for the people. He said the state had registered   an average growth of 9 per cent in both the Xth Plan and the completed   years of the XIth Plan.
  The state has estimated that, to achieve growth envisaged by the   Finance Commission, it would require investments of about Rs 75,000   crore, of which Rs 40,000 crore must come from the private sector. Mr   Ahluwalia said that it was critical, therefore, that the state   government put in place policies that enabled private investment of this   magnitude to materialise.
  The Planning Commission pointed out that, in the farm sector, the   average growth rate of agriculture had been less than 1 per cent in the   first two years of the XIth Plan. Despite a large riverine network and   high rainfall, only 44 per cent of the arable area of the state is under   irrigation. The poverty level is high at nearly 40 per cent in 2004-05   and compares poorly with other hill states. The state was told that all   this pointed to a need to place greater emphasis on livelihood   programmes and improvement of farm productivity and income opportunities   in rural areas.
  There is also uneven development between the districts in the hills   and the plains, which much of the growth concentrated in the latter. The   Commission said programmes such as Bharat Nirman should be used to   bridge this gap. Literacy rates in the State have shown big improvement   according to 2001 census, but yet remain relatively low. The gap between   female and male literacy is also quite high and it appears to be more   serious in certain districts.
  Mr Pokhriyal said the thrust areas of the Annual Plan would be   physical infrastructure, including roads, bridges, power projects and   drinking water. He said fallow land would be brought under cultivation   in hill areas for horticulture, herbal and organic agriculture crops. He   said the emphasis would be on water conservation and enhancement of   livelihood options.
  The Chief Minister said the state government had launched new   programmes with the objective of achieving balanced regional development   and providing basic infrastructure in all neglected areas.
  He said efforts were on to further improve tourism-related   infrastructure and to get education hub status for the state. He sought   the Planning Commision's help in restoring the industrial package   benefit to the state.

Himalayan Warrior /पहाड़ी योद्धा:

Yes.. The ground level realities are different. We see ever year huge amount of budget and other assistence is given to Uttarakhand but we are not seeing any drastic changes on ground level in terms of development.

I remember Uttarakhand state has got "Special State Status" still state yet to come on development track.

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

i think a RTI must be filed to know the details of funds utilized.

This will open some picuture..    However, i smell rat on utilization of funds..otherwise it would have been on ground level. 

Himalayan Warrior /पहाड़ी योद्धा:

I suggest people must use RTI tool for getting such information..

I believe development is visible there in Uttarakhand hill areas .

dayal pandey/ दयाल पाण्डे:
क्या एक इमानदार सरकार को साल भर के खर्च का ब्यौरा जनता के सामने नहीं रखना चाहिए ? प्रजातंत्र में जनता और सरकार के बीच पारदर्शिता होनी चाहिए जो की नहीं है इसके लिए जीतनी जम्मेदार सरकार है उतनी ही जनता भी क्युकी जनता पूछती भी नहीं है जो फिगर ऊपर दी गई है अगर ईमानदारी से खर्च हुई तो इस छोटे से पहाड़ी प्रदेश के लिए काफी है hamara janata se anurodh hai hi kisi bhi karikram main matri jano ko phul maala pahnane ke bajay unase is kharch ke baare main puchhain aur bhawishya main kya karane ja rahe hain usaka bhi plan puchhain, ab bharastachaar had paar kar chuka hai ab imandari ka daur aana chahiye isake liye janata ko jagana hoga.
                               Jaago Janata Jaago


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