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एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:
some of Garhwali films:
Kabhi Sukh-Kabhi Dukh producd by Bindesh Naudiyal

Ghar-Jawain produced by Nautiyal
Kauthik produced by Sheel choudhry
Udnkar Produced by Mrs Bisht

Pyaru Rumal (Dubbed from� Kusmo Rumal �Nepali, famous Bollywood singer Udit Narayan was in the main lead in this film)

Bantwaroo, Jeetu Bagdwal, Samlaon, Phulee, Madhulee, Chakarchaal, Chwati Bwari

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:
The second Uttarakhandi film made on the statehood movement is all set for release in the third week of April. Garhwali film ‘Aaj do, Abhi do’ is a digital film and is likely to hit the silver screen with a fresh perspective on the agitation.

Commenting on the film, Pradeep Bhandari, Director of the movie, says, “The movie is complete and we are waiting for the examinations to end. The film is likely to be released after 15 April.”

‘Aaj do, Abhi do’ captures the pain of the Uttarakhand movement activists. The story hovers around a mother and his son, who loses his life in the Muzzafarnagar incident. The suffering of the mother remains even after the formation of a separate hill state.

The movie argues for better treatment of the dependents of those who sacrificed their lives during the statehood movement.

The first film on the Uttarakhand agitation was released in May 2003. ’Teri Saun’ was written, produced, and directed by Anuj Joshi, a Mumbai-based television serial director. Garhwali poet Madan Duklan, who is also Editor of ‘Chitthe-Patri’, wrote the songs and Alok Malasi served as the music composer.

‘Aaj do, Abhi do’ has been produced by Kamlesh and directed by Pradeep Bhandari. Alok Malasi has provided the music. Popular Garhwali VCD film actress Ruchita Kukreti is in the lead role.
Regional cinema in Uttarakhand has been awaiting a sustainable market to be able to take off. Digital film-making and the CD/DVD market are some of the technical improvements that could make these movies economically viable.

 एल्बम / फ़िल्म का नाम         :   Aaj Do Abhi Do, Uttarakhand Rajya Do
  कलाकार                     :
  एल्बम / फ़िल्म का प्रसिद्ध गाना  :
  गायक                      :
  निर्देशक .
   कम्पनी ..                         :  Rama

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:
  एल्बम / फ़िल्म का नाम        :   Teri Saun
  कलाकार                     :   Maanv / Mansi
  एल्बम / फ़िल्म का प्रसिद्ध गाना  :
  गायक                      :
  निर्देशक .                           :  Anuj Joshi
   कम्पनी ..

In May 2003, the first ever movie set in and around the seminal events of the Uttarakhand Movement was released to wide acclaim in Dehradun. "TERI SAUN" was written, produced, and directed by Anuj Joshi, a Mumbai-based television serials director. Madan Duklan, editor of Chitthe-Patri, wrote the songs and Alok Malasi served as the music composer on the soundtrack. Seasoned theatrical actors from the Uttarakhand Sanskritic Morcha of Dehradun were employed including Ramendra Kotnala, Durga Kukreti, Roshan Dhasmana, Rajni Duklan, Kulanana Ghyansala, Girish Sundriyal, Vineet Gairola, Gokul Panwar and others. Meanwhile, the parts of the hero Manav and heroine Mansi were played by Saksham Juyal and Pooja Rawat respectively.

While 70% of the dialogue transpires in Hindi, separate Garhwali and Kumaoni versions of the film were produced to authenticate the experiences of both identities within Uttarakhand. The soundtrack itself has already sold over 35,000 copies in the first fortnight of its release, setting a record for any Garhwali or Kumaoni film.

The movie itself blends facts about the movement including the events of 1994 with the fictional lives of the characters. While a love story brings the hero and heroine together in the first half of the film, the dark deeds of the Muzaffarnagar incident sends the characters down a more sombre path. Eventually, the hero after much inner strife is convinced to turn away from violence by the love of his family, teachers, and relatives and to continue the Uttarakhand struggle through peaceful and democratic means.

Some photos of this film..

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

 एल्बम / फ़िल्म का नाम          :   Maletha Kee Phool  कलाकार                      :   Maanv / Mansi
  एल्बम / फ़िल्म का प्रसिद्ध गाना   :
  गायक                       :   Shree Jeet Singh Negi
  निर्देशक .                            :  Thakur Vir Singh
  Music                               :  Bhagwati Prasad
   कम्पनी ..                          :   Pavitra Film

Produced under the banner of Parvatiya Films by Beer Singh Thakur, the film ‘Maletha Ki Kool’ is based on the script of renowned cultural activist of Garhwal, Shri Jeet Singh Negi. Senior music director shri Bhagwati Prasad Pokhriyal composed the music of the film. Roshan Dhasmana and Jagriti Dhobal performed the lead roles under the direction of Balraj Negi.

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