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Hindi Film 'Daayen Ya Baayen By' Bela Negi on UK subject - "दायें या बाएँ" फिल्म

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  उत्तराखंड की पृष्ठ भूमि पर बनी, पहली हिंदी फीचर फिल्म 'दाए या बाए" रीलीसिंग 29 Oct 2010

Finally Daayen Ya Baayen releasing tomorrow i.e 29th   Oct 2010. The DYB will be screened at following places in Mumbai &   Delhi

  "PVR "
  Lower Parel 1:30, 8:25 pm;
  Juhu 1:15, 8:35 pm;
  Goregaon (E) 10:50 pm
  Wadala 3:45 pm;
  Mulund 3:15 pm;
  "R City Mall "
  Ghatkopar 12:30 pm;
  Vashi 2:15 pm
  Nariman Point 1:00 pm
  Versova 1:45 pm
  Malad 1:00, 5:00 pm
  Goregaon 12:00, 8:15 pm
   Bhandup 3:00 pm-

Onlyd one screening, in Delhi. everyday  IN DELHI

  PVR Select Citywalk (Saket) @ 4.55 pm
) @ 4.55 pm.
Wish this was in our hands to change .But..   please make sure quite a few, those of you who want to see the film try   and see it on Friday evening- so the theater feels re assured ki haan,   is film ke liye audience hai. Director of Film Ms Bela Negi ji is trying   her best that film is screened in other Cinemas also in Delhi.


Film Maker Bela Negi who originally belongs from nainital and F.T.I passed out is coming with a Hindi Film (Daayen Ya Baayen) which is truely based on Uttarakhand.

[/b]Film: DAAYEN   YA BAAYEN  Language:   Hindi  Duration:   110 mins Cast And Crew         Starring    Deepak     DobriyalManav KaulBadrul     IslamBharti BhattPratyush     DoklanGirish Tiwari & others  Directed     by    Bela     Negi  Creative     Director    Subhamoy     Sengupta      Produced     by    Sunil     Doshi  Line Producer    Nitric     Films  Story    Bela     Negi  Screenplay    Bela     Negi  Dialogue    Bela     Negi  Cinematography    Amlan     Datta  Music    Vivek     Philip  Sound Design    Gissy     Michael      Action    P     Kumar  Editing    Bela     Negi  Costumes    Nikunj     Vyas  Executive     Producer    Shamim     KhanSubhamoy Sengupta 
    The film is about of a Quoxotian   character, so present in our folk narratives too, of an individual having   to live through his follies to understand himself better. Ramesh Majila   returns from the city to his small remote village in the Himalayas.   Armed with irrepressible enthusiasm, he hopes to be the breath of fresh   air the village has been waiting for. But instead his quirky traits   and a penchant for catalyzing disaster make him the joke of the village.
  In a dramatic turn of events a chance entry into a television contest   wins him a swank luxury car elevating Ramesh to heroic status overnight.   Adored by children and grudgingly admired by others, he becomes the   focal point of the village.
  However his life spirals into a series of comic conflicts as he struggles   to match the rest of his life to the car that adorns his cowshed, undoing   himself completely in the process and losing the respect of his most   ardent fan, his young son. When the car is stolen, he sets out on a   journey to recover something more than his prized possession - his lost   dignity. 

Link to facebook page of DYB:


which narrates the journey of a man from a village to a city and how he has to adjust to city life. But when he goes back to his village he cannot adjust to the village life. We have shot the film in villages of Bageshwar, Almoda, Munshiari and Chaukadi ETC. 95% casting is also adopted by there local people. Girda is also working in this film said Ms. Negi..

Film is lead by the award wining actor Mr. Deepak Dobrial..


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एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

First Trailer of the Film.

Ramesh Majila esa aadmi hai shubah-2 loate ke kitab bhi le jaata hai

Dayeen ya Bayeen Trailer.mp4

First PersonBela Negi - Editor, Writer, DirectorIt started with a news piece about a poor man in Assam winning a massive lottery. It setme thinking about the happy and not so happy repercussions of this windfall. Of how hi*pectations from life would be turned around and how he would try to acquire a new sense ofrespectability in the eyes of the world. So in the film the poor man has become a disillusionedpoet who is trying to do something with his life and the lottery is a car. And the road torespectability becomes even more tenuous because of the incongruity of a bright red luxury carin a mostly roadless landscape of Uttarakhand.Of course, the basic premise of the story could have also played out in the cityscape, since thefundamental concerns of people are the same everywhere. Yet the attitudes by which we addressthose concerns, the consciousness within which we frame our experiences, differ. And it is thisunique worldview that has evolved in this little corner of the world, my homeland, which I hopedto evoke through my film.It was also this context that allowed me to touch on certain issues (albeit in a light and humorousmanner) of unemployment, brain drain from the hills, alcoholism, of a people still hoping to findtheir voice in the world. And of the stark reality that an average Uttarakhandi struggles for self-respect, his hopes and enterprise restrained by a lack of self-confidence.At a more personal level, the driving force of the protagonist, the need for recognition and thelimited vision of looking at himself through the eyes of other people, are the complexities thatexist in most people, in me. So Ramesh Majila (the protagonist) is comic, absurd, helpless, sad,struggling with his own sense of personal identity. But there is a genuine need in him to makea difference, to reaffirm his sense of dignity. Surrounded by the mud-and-wood houses, with acowshed in his basement, the heroism of it all cannot be overemphasized.Deepak, Manav and Badrul are the only professional actors from Mumbai in the film. The rest ofthe cast is all local, some of them involved in amateur theatre but mostly villagers who are facingthe camera for the first time. I didn't want actors from Mumbai pretending to be Uttarakhandivillagers.The cast and crew held together, put their faith in each other. It was a tough shooting schedule- 48 days at a go with very limited resources at hand and a mostly outdoor shoot in theunpredictable weather of the hills. Even the city bred crew of the film did the long uphill walksalmost everyday to get to location. There was no time to look daayen ya baayen, only to lookahead.

Risky Pathak:
Good Work Rajneesh Bhai....

Thanks a lot for this wondderful information...



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