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Medical First or Devta & Bhoot Pooja First- इलाज पहले या भूत पूजा ?

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Ajay Tripathi (Pahari Boy):
First thanks Mehta Ji for such a great video…Due lack of knowledge in Uttrakhand we do such a superstitious thing and play with our and family members life. We know that without a medical treatment we cannot be cure but we do such a stupid things because when we loose our patience and confidence then we fell into it…I think at that time it our duty to be a good neighbor, to motivate and build his/her confidence level so that, that he/she can save his/her dear ones and become a good  neighbor.

Dear Mehta Ji

I also believe in this, but I prefer the doctor first, if doctors and hospitals cant do anything then only the DEVTA comes.
Since I am also a DANGARIA a strongly believe in this, But I am strictly against the BALI ( Bakra ) pratha.

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:
medical first then go to the shelter of God.


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