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THOUGHT OF THE DAY : आज का बिचार

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Raje Singh Karakoti:
Never worry about the delay of your success compared of others because construction of a palace takes more time than an ordinary building...!!

Have a Good Day.....

Raje Singh Karakoti:
A Great Thinker was asked- What is the meaning of life?
He replied- " Life itself has no meaning. LIFE is an Opportunity to create a meaning."

Have a very happy and pleasant morning.


Raje Singh Karakoti:
Lord BUDDHA was a prince, who left  his palace in search of Peace
And we all BUDDHUS are searching for a palace at the cost of our Peace.

Be Happy with whatever you have.
Good Morning Mera Pahad.



विनोद सिंह गढ़िया:
कितनी अच्छी बातें कही हैं हमारे ईजा-बौज्यू, अम्मा-बुबू ने। ये लाईनें मेरी ईजा (माता जी) अक्सर मुझे कहती थीं।


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