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Live Chat with Promising Cricketer Unmukt Chand on 21 Jan 2011 at 11 am

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Best of luck for the next match unmukht chand

Harish Rawat:
म्यर  और  पूरा  पहाडक  आशीर्वाद  और  दुआ  तमर  दगे  छू  उमाकांत  ज्यू  .....तुम बहुत ठुल खीलाडी  बन या और पहाड़ क नाम रोशन करया ...

जय उत्तराखंड

Unmukht best of luck for tommarrow match

congretulations Unmukt Chand: All the best for the U-19 World Cup

U-19 World Cup is scheduled to be held in 2012.
News courtesy : Indian Express


एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:
 Unmukt Chand

After a prolific start to his first class career - he scored 400 runs in 5 games in 2010, 18-year-old Unmukt Chand moved down a level to featured in the BCCI’s U-19 cricket tournament that followed the Ranji Trophy where he scored 380 runs in 7 matches, including two centuries and a fifty. Selected for the Delhi Daredevils IPL franchise, Chand scored two fifties in the practice games but once he got a chance to play for the Delhi based franchise, he couldn’t make the most of his opportunities. Despite being unable to impress in the IPL, the 18 year old now aims to fulfill his dream of playing the U-19 World Cup which has been a launch pad for players like Yuvraj Singh, Mohd Kaif and Virat Kohli.

 Ads by Google     Chand says that he was preparing for the World Cup for the last two years. “For me it is the most important thing. Everyone knows that it is a platform to get spotted quickly if you perform well. I am focusing a lot on the camp which we are scheduled to attend in June,” said Chand. However, he does not underestimate the role the IPL will play in his preparation. “The IPL is helping a lot as you learn things that are handy when playing at a higher level. I still have a long time before the World Cup and I believe every tournament now is very important,” said Chand, talking to Sportline from Hyderabad.


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