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Dr. Pratibha Naitthani Social Activist

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Prof.Pratibha Naithani a lecturer of political science at St Xavier’s basically from Pauri Garhwal(Uttaranchal) has won the case against Vulgarity and Violence in Bombay high Court.

"My campaign is not only against nudity; it is against the Adult content, which includes both Violence and vulgarity, my whole effort is to make media safe for children and to get the law of the land implemented. The law says no Adult content on TV because we need to be sensitive to the sensibility of all the viewers including children." Says dynamic Uttarakhandi lady PRATIBHA NAITHANI.

“I come from Pauri Garhwal in the Himalayas, a remote area, away from the pulsating life of Mumbai. Yet, when I visit my village, I see that the all-pervasive footprint of many satellite television channels reaches even such areas where rural children, adolescents and adults are given a daily diet of nude bodies, explicit *ual acts, raw and disgusting violence and constant sensual titillation. Even in Mumbai, I see the daily exhibition of the female body in the name of fitness and health,” says Naitthani. In recent months, a large number of TV channels have been running contests named ‘Item Bomb,’ ‘ ‘Disco Stars,’ ‘Get Gorgeous etc
“We want to be like Malaika and Yana,” the entrant to ‘Item Bomb’ said, adding that doing “hot” items was the flavour of films today.

Pratiba, 37, who hails from Pauri-Garhwal in Uttaranchal- Times of india report Aam Aadmi 15 AUg..  Pratiba feels a leader in society should be educated and not just (be) literate. "He must know about the grass-root level problems and be genuinely dedicated to solving those problems. Sensitivity towards the masses and a commitment to the county is a must."

How did she manage to balance her teaching career with an arduous legal battle that she was fighting alone? "I sacrificed a lot. I gave up on music, dance classes and family functions. But I have no regrets," says this academician who loves to go on trekking trips when she finds the time.


हेम पन्त:
Rajneesh ji,
If I m not wrong Pratibha ji is the first women who completed "Nanda Raj Jaat Yatra"........

Hem bhai you r 100% right..
Hem bhai kal Hemant Daju se kafi taarif suni Aapki....

हेम पन्त:
ये तो हेमन्त दा की ज्ञर्रा-नवाजी है....वो खुद बडे अच्छे आदमी हैं..... मुझे पता चला मेहता जी से कि आप उनसे मिलने गये थे.


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