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good information mehta ji

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Rajneesh Ji,

Really a good news for us.

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एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Dr Rajendra Pachauri becomes the seventh Indian Nobel laureate


I am only a symbolic recipient but it is the organisation which has been awarded,” Dr Rajendra Pachauri says. But then, didn’t Tagore and Mother Teresa get the award for the achievements of Shanti Niketan and Missionaries of Charity?

See the news below on the subject (the blue portion news)

I am only a symbolic recipient but it is the organisation which has been awarded,” Dr Rajendra Pachauri reacted to the news of the Nobel Prize. But then, didn’t the earlier recipients, Tagore and Mother Teresa, get the award for the achievements of Shanti Niketan and Missionaries of Charity?

It has been nine years since Dr Amartya Sen was awarded the Nobel Prize for economics and 94 years since Rabindranath Tagore collected it for literature. In between, three ‘pure’ scientists from India did the country proud – Sir CV Raman in 1930 for his work in physics, Dr Hargobind Khurana in 1968 for medicine and physiology and Dr Subramaniam Chandrasekar for physics in 1983. The sixth Indian was Mother Teresa in 1979. Although born Albanian, she is considered Indian because she had settled down at Kolkata, where her Missionaries of Charity has its headquarters.

Pachauri, who is also the recipient of the Padma Bhushan, has become the seventh Indian to claim the Nobel Prize in 2007, the second ever Nobel Peace Prize for India. UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), of which Pachauri is the Chief, is the co-winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, jointly with former United States Vice-President Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr . World Meteorological Organisation and United Nation Environment Programme established IPCC in 1998.

Nobody can claim any of the distinguished persons who receive the Norwegian award, and the global recognition that is associated with it, get it for their individual, stand-alone contributions. They effectively lead hundreds or thousands of others to achieve, whether at Shanti Niketan or Missionaries of Charity. By the same token, the Nobel Peace Prize to IPCC can very well be taken as the Seventh Nobel Prize bagged by an Indian.

Moreover, Pachauri works out of New Delhi, even though he travels around the world to coordinate activities of thousands of scientists, to spread the awareness about the need to arrest drastic climatic change. In all humility, Pachauri reacted to the news of the Nobel Prize, “I am only a symbolic recipient but it is the organisation which has been awarded.” He was happy that with this award to IPCC, the issue of climate change would come to the fore.

“It places a larger responsibility on me and I will ensure that more will be done,” he added.

[color=blue]Pachauri hails from Nainital district in Uttarakhand. He has served in a number of national and international organisations. He has worked as a Board Member of NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation), Indian Oil and GAIL (Gas Authority of India Ltd) and is the Director General of The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI), formerly known as Tata Energy Research Institute, since 2001. TERI is a premier institution devoted to sustainable development. IPCC elected him as Chairman in 2002. [/color]

Although Al Gore was reportedly unhappy with the choice of the Indian, who he feared would be a drag on the organisation because of his strident criticism of the United States, Pachauri won him over with his total dedication to the cause of ecology, which is dear to Gore as well.

It is true that the Nobel Peace Prize of 2007, like many others previously, including the one to Mother Teresa, has invited criticism. While several Americans consider that George Bush stole the Presidency from Gore through electoral manipulations in 2000, others consider Al Gore as a sore loser, who never won in 2000 but still made the country go through a 36-day election night.

Questions have also been raised on the ‘peace’ prize not going to persons who contributed in halting wars and preventing violence and instead being given to environmental activists working on climate change. Norwegian Institute of International Affairs in Oslo answered the criticism: “It indeed is a question of war and peace. We’re already witnessing the first climate wars, in the Sahel belt of Africa. Nomads and herders are in conflict with farmers because the changing climate has brought drought and a shortage of fertile lands.”


एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Dr Pauchari

Anubhav / अनुभव उपाध्याय:
Badhai ho Rajendra ji ko unhone Uttarakhand ka naam roshan kar diya.


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