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Interview with Varun Badola


Varun Badola the very first "Dev" of Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand. Varun Badola is from Uttrakhand. You can see him in almost all channels be it Star Plus, Sony, Zee TV he is spread in all these. Other than this he has also worked in Haasil and Charas with an appreciable role. His hometown "Kotdwar Garhwal" a very simple man by character is famous in the glamour world. He was in Delhi from his childhood to his post teenage, and now is based in Mumbai. But still he is a "Pahadi" by culture, nature and behavior. Come let's share more about him:
now a days he and his father working in "Eak Chabi hai Pados me" on Star one

How do you find yourself attached to Uttaranchal?
I am not attached to Uttaranchal only because my name suffix's "Badola", but because my parents have given me such culture. Let me be anywhere but I talk to my parents and relative in my mother tongue which is "Garhwali". I was in Allahabad for 5 years, 12 years in Delhi and 8 years I am here in Mumbai but still I am a Pahadi.

What are your memories in Kotdwara?
In Kotdwar a place is Bhabher. I have a farmhouse at these places. The number of stars I have seen from my farmhouse in the sky I haven't seen them anywhere else. We use to catch "Jugnoo" from here. I had one scooter in Kotdwar. I with my friend use to go to mountains along with our vehicles and use to eat roasted chicken there. And one more the "Bhandara" which happens mostly on Sunday at SIDHBALI MANDIR KOTDWARA. I used to like that the most, I use to go there very frequently. I really enjoyed those days of my life.

What do you like the most in Uttranchal?
First thing about Uttaranchal is the feeling of freedom we have, as it is an independent and remote city. Second is the wave there, which gives peace of mind. When I go there I feel relaxed and very good. And my grandmothers (Nani's) village "Soli" which was near "Rikhnikhal". I love that place.

Tell us something about your childhood?
Don't ask me about my childhood it is difficult to mention, because I didn't like studying I was never a good student.

Who is the ideal in your life?
For me my father is an ideal. He is a very good theater artist and also a very good singer. Whatever I learnt in my like is from my father. These days he is working with Ashutosh. Govarikar,s SWADESH.

What are your views on Uttranchali Theater or film's?
I don't think Uttranchali cinema is there. I have never felt the presence of it, it doesn't have any fame or existence. I have seen only one Garhwali film (JAGWAL) even though it was the first film still it was good in all ways. My all-family members praised it. There was one more good movie "Gharjavai". Now we will have to work hard for Uttaranchali.

If you get an opportunity will you work in Uttaranchali film?
Yes off course! I am an artist, if I get such opportunity I will surely do it and think it is my good fortune. But I should like the story of the film.

How is your experience on your work with Tigmanshu Dhulia?
About Tishu Bhai, I can't comment on him because I don't have words to describe him. I have learnt so much from him. I have worked as his assistance for four years.

You're favorite Garhwali song?
Yes my father sung long time back "Chela ki Yaad ma Jikudi Dhak Dhak kare by Vishvamohan Badola.

Any message for people in Uttranchal?
I Would like to say only that we will have to make Uttranchal and if we don't pay attention then it will be Uttranchal only by home. It wont be Uttranchal in real sense which is a need for the people there, and the most important we would have to take care of our humanity and have faith in it, we are "Uttaranchali's" we should stop discriminating between Garhwali, Kumaouni and other people. Because religion, caste doesn't matter much, what matters is what is the felling of the person about the place where he is staying. He should have love and belongings for that place. if you treat a person with care and love he will treat you as the same.

Interview by Rajneesh Agnihotri
Varun's Father Shri Vishvmohan Bdola is also a very dynamic actor you can watch his performance In Munnabhai -2, Swadesh and comming Jodha Akbar with Ritik and Aish.[/color]

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Some more photos.

Anubhav / अनुभव उपाध्याय:
Yeah Varun is one of the best Uttarakhandi TV actor around and he is also a very good dancer.

हेम पन्त:
He feels proud 2 b an Uttarakhandi......aur apni Shaadi bhi Kotdwar jaakar ki unhone,,,,,


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