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Mr. Mohan P. Kala one of the biggest businessman from uttarakhand

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Mr. Mohan P. Kala one of the biggest businessman from uttarakhand, an Amazing man and an another reason to be proud of our community.

Mr.Kala is an Executive Director of Sharon Bio-Medical originally hales from Uttarakhand Sumari village. “A man who has a dream to convert Uttarakhand to Switzerland”

Q.  How do you recollect the memories of your childhood in uttarakhand?
       (Especially the Sumadi Village in uttarakhand do you still visit there)
My memories of my childhood at my Village Sumari, Pauri Garhwal are  remarkable. In my memories, I still enjoy those days when I was not having good  food, no good clothes and no good education but nevertheless full MASTI whole day with my friends. I go to my village 3-4 times in a year and do whatever I can do to my village people. On 1st and 2nd August,2009, I am going to my native place where I am contributing for the English School for my village children for the last 5 years. I have  also done other things for my village people like contributing for the poor families in their family functions, making temples in my village and nearby villages etc. I am planning to make an English school building,  Baraat ghar and guest houses for the people who want to come to my village Sumari. For that matter I have bought an old house and I will be making a new building on the same place.

Q.   From where did you complete your education?
I studied up to 8th standard in my village school Sumari than up to 12th standard in Srinagar Garhwal College ( for 5 years daily I used to travel to 7 KM to Srinagar and back), up to Post graduation from Dehradun in Economics and than C.A. from Mumbai.

Q Whom do you draw your inspiration?

My mother

Q What made you choose Pharmaceutical Industry?

My clients when I was doing my C.A. and thereafter at the time of practice.

Q   How do you see the biotech sector growing?

Indian Pharma/ Biotech is the future of world and India will dominate in future. This business is growing rapidly and India will be World Leader.

QHave you ever been failed in your life in anything?

Yes I failed when I was in 8th and 10th standard and lost money app. Rs.10 Crores of my company in 2008-09 because of my wrong decisions when I dealt with Foreign Exchange Derivatives. But that’s Business after all.

QWhat’s your secret mantra for success?
Hard work in right direction and have patience.

Q    Having achieved a great deal of success in your life, how would you
       Like to contribute to the society, especially Uttarakhand?

I wish I could earn/get money from the whole world and invest/ spend in hills/ villages of Uttarakhand for the benefit of my own people/ society. I have few plans for the development of Hills of Uttarakhand which I can not narrate you today. I wish I could convert Uttarakhand to Switzerland.

Q    The best thing you like about uttarakhand?
Its simple people and beautiful places.

QI have heard you planning a set up in uttarakhand, Do u like to say
       Something on that?

Yes I want to make big Investments in Uttarakhand and contribute directly and indirectly in the up gradation of its economy and people

QWhat are your views on uttarakhand government, do they provide full support to the new business venture?
 All the Govts. till date are very friendly and cooperative specially with the people originally from Uttarakhand and who want to do developments in Uttarakhand.

Q     What are your future plans?
To set up a business centre in Dehradun and than do investments in the hills   very soon.

QDo you have any plan’s to employ uttarakhandi’s people.
 At present we are having 5 phama  Manufaturing plants (4 in Mumbai and one in Dehradun) and employ almost 60 to 70 % people from Uttarakhand. But once things are set in hills of Uttarakhand, automatically more Uttarakhandi will get employed.

Q Your message for the young talent?

Work hard in right direction and have patience.

Mail ur views to mr. kala at mpkala_1959@yahoo.com
Interview By: Rajneesh Agnihotri

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Rajneesh JI,

Thanks a ton for providing the detailed information and the interview of Mr Mohan Kala Ji.

Indeed, it is the need of the hour that Uttarakhand needs Entrepreneur like Mohan Ji who can contribute towards development of Uttarakhand by setting up thier projects in UK.

Thanks to Mohan JI and to you also.


Mr. Kla and Himani Shivpuri

Mr. Kala and Mr. Raj Bhatt

Mrs Kala with Prasoon joshi

Mr.and Mrs kala

हेम पन्त:
Rajnish ji,
Thanks for sharing Interview of Mr. Kala with us. It is realy great to know how a simple boy from a remote village became a succesful businesman..

We wish Mr. Kala gets succes in his all upcoming projects, so that more people from interior parts of hilly region can also get employment and better opprtunities for work, near their own place...

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

Uttarakhand definitely needs its own people help to keep the state on development Track. 


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