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Famous Market of Various Distt in Uttarakhand-उत्तराखंड के बाजारों की विशेषता

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Kulri Bazaar is one of the main shopping centers of Mussoorie. This bazaar at the Mall offers various Indian artifacts, fabrics and other products at reasonable rates. There are also many hotels and restaurants serving Indian and European cuisines. Tourist offices can also be found there.

The Camel's Back Road, popular horse-ride route, starts from Kulri Bazaar

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Moti Bazaar - HARIDWAR

Moti Bazaar is one of the main shopping centers of Haridwar, Uttaranchal. It is situated on the upper road, north side of the canal through which the Ganges is diverted to the north. The bazaar is lined with stalls selling images of deities, copper and brass puja utensils, sandalwood rudraksh, and an assortment of goods, sweets, glass bangles and cane baskets.

Shri Pashupatinath Temple, built in Rajasthani style, is a nearby attraction. The bazaar is easily accessible from Haridwar Junction Railway Station.

sOURCE : http://www.india9.com

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Bara Bazaar is located on the northern side of the canal (through which the Ganges is diverted to the north), between Har-Ki-Pauri and the Upper Road in Haridwar.

The both sides of the bazaar is filled with an array of stalls, which sells articles such as shawls, brassware, glass bangles, wooden whistles, ayurvedic medicine and bamboo canes.

The bazaar also has religious paraphernalia.

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The Mall in Nainital - MARKET (NAINITAL)

The main shopping center at Nainital in UTTARAKHAND, The Mall, houses several good shops where tourists can do shopping. Nainital is famous for woolen garments, decorative pieces made from wood and colorful candles. The Mall is well-known for good bargain of candles and wooden stuff. Other shopping centers in Nainital are Bohtia Bazaar, Mallital, and Samrat Emporium, constituting the number one shopping experience.

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 झूलाघाट बाजार (पिथोरगढ)

भारत नेपाल बोर्डर में सिथित बाजार जो को बहुत प्रकार सस्ते सामान ले लिए प्रसिद्ध है! इस बाजार में नेपाल से सामान आता है ! जैसे जूते, ट्रैक suit etc.


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