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Great Personalities of Garhwal-Freedom Fighter, Literate, Martyrs -गढ़वाल की हस्

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एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:


We are sharing exclusive information about   Great Personalities of Uttarakhand Garhwal area which has been compiled by our Senior Member Shri Bhishma Kukreti Ji..

Garhwal ki Divangat Bibhutiyan -1: A Book,  Every Young Indian Should Posses

(Review of Garhwal ki Dibangat Bibhitiyan (San 1980 ke Pashchat) -Part-1 by Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal

(Great Personalities of Himalayas India, Great Personalities of Garhwal, Great Personalities of Uttarakhand)
                                                                                                 Bhishma Kukreti


Dr Mohan Babulkar rightly states that to write about the great personalities is a basic social and human responsibility of a writer. Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal had been successful in maintaining his social and human responsibility for bringing gigantic six volumes of Great Personalities of Garhwal, India expired after 1980 AD. The writings and popularizing about life span of great achievers is very much essential at the time of globalization. Globalization requires competency and books as Garhwal ki Dibangat Bibhutiyan by the great research scholar of India Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal are certainly the need of the hour for every young Indians as these books inspire young Indians for setting goals and achieving their set goals. The act of getting details about achievers and then molding them into words in easily understandable language by Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal make him important as Paul Perigold, John Vile, W.f. Paris, Edwin Wildman, John Augustus Roger, Adele Bildersee, Prof. R P Chaturvedi, Havelock Ellis, D K Simonton, James Bennett, Guy Wint, Khoon Choy Lee, J.C. Thomas, Wilhelm Heiliger, john P Fieg, H C G Von Seherr  and many more writers who wrote about great personalities of various territories for benefiting young generation. There are six volumes of Garhwal ki Dibangat Bibhutiyan (1980 ke Pashchat) and each volume is master piece of life sketches of great personalities of Garhwal, India. Dr Nand Kishor Dhoundiyal is himself an achiver (a Doctor in Literature and Professor in HNB Garhwal University, PDB PG College Kotdwara) and his writing will definitely inspire every young Indians.    In the introductory note of first volume out of six volumes of Garhwal ki Dibangat Bibhitiyan, Dr Mohan Baulkar provides the readers about the tradition of writing about memorial write ups and books about great achievers of Garhwal, India as ‘ Shri Dev Suman Smiriti Granth (1947), Shri dev Suman smiriti Granth (Edited by Dr Bhakt Darshan, 1973), Chandra Singh Garhwali (by Rahul Sankrityayan), Kaml Sahityalamkar (by Trilochan Panpai) and tens of such books on great Garhwali, Indian achievers. There are two major parts of this volume. The first part provides details of life sketches of 43 Great Personalities of Garhwal, India and second part deals with short profile of Great Garhwali martyr soldiers killed in Blue start operation Amritsar in 1984. (By Bhishma Kukreti Email-bckukreti@gmail.com)

 M S Mehta

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:
The great, learned academic Dr Nand Kishor  Dhoundiyal provides the complete life sketches, becoming the characters as achievers of following Great Garhwali, Indian

Great Garhwali, Indian Personalities expired after 1980

1-Hari ram Mishr ‘Chanchal (Saruda, Dugadda, Pauri G, 1918-1980): A freedom fighter, social worker, journalist and apoet

2-Captain Ram Prasad Nautiyal ( Kanda, Khatali, Pauri G 1905-1980): A freedom fighter and politician

3-Dr Hari vaishnav ( Nand Prayag, 1918-1981): Army man, great doctor

4-Narendra Uniyal ( Sakloni, Aswalsyun, Pauri  G., 1952-1981): A social worker, political activist and fearless-energetic journalist, editor of Jayant weekly

5-Sayapal Pandhi (Amritsar, 1923-1981). Great Journalist and publisher

6- Pundit Adity Ram Dhyani ( Borgaon, Guradsyun,Ppauri G , 1903-1981): Indian Freedom Fighter and great social worker

7- Keshva Nand Naithani‘ Bhauk’ (Jakh, Kafolsyun, Barahsyun, Pauri g , 1897-1981): Excellent Hindi poet.

(By Bc kukreti).

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

  Great Garhwali, Indian Personalities expired after 1980

8-Bhuvnesh Baudai Vidyarthi ( Bangar ,Sabli, Pauri g , 1901-1981): Freedom fighter, Farmer Activist, political activist, social worker

9- Swami Ganesh Giri Maharaj (1860-1981): Religious leader

10- Pundit Baldev Prasad Nautiyal (Kadakot, Gagwadsyun, Pauri g, 1895-1981): Garhwali language writer, Garhwali novelist, creator of Garhwal shabdkosh etc.

11-Sain Singh (Nala, Guptkashi, Chamoli G, -1981): Freedom Movement activist

12-Barister Mukandi lal ( Patli, Gopeshwar, Chamoli G, 1885-1982): Art critics, Judge of Tihri Riyasat, politician, social worker, literature , writer, Art collector, Art investigator

13-Mnager Sahib Nanda Datt Kukreti (Gweel, Malla Dhangu, Pauri G, 1910-1982): Educational Institution Management, politician. Social activist

14-Balwant Singh Rawat (Dob, Chaundkot, Pauri G, 1925-1982): Lieutenant Colonel in Azad Hind Fauz, Police Force in Gujrat, Judge for Shooting Competition in Asiad

15- Daya Shankar Bhatt ‘Bandi’ (Falswadi, Sitaunsyun, Pauri G, 1905-1982) Freedom Fighter, New Script creator of Bhatt Lipi for Hindi, Musician, Music script creator, Poet, Social Activist

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

  Great Garhwali, Indian Personalities expired after 1980

16-Pundit Raghubar Dayal (Pakhri, Maudadsyun, Chaundkot, Pauri G 1885-1982), Fredom Fighter,  Vedic movement Activist, Social Reformer, Ideal Farmer and businessman

17-Padm Bibhushan Sushri Meera Bahin ( London 1881-1982) Caw Protecting Activist and social worker

18- Chakradhar Bahuguna (Pokhari, Chalnsyun, Pauri G, 1902-1982) Freedom Fighter, Literature Creator of Hindi and Garhwali, social worker

19-Dr Mahaveer Prasad Lakheda ( Jakhand, Tihri Garhwal1926-1982) Phonologies, Linguistic science scholar, writer, editor, teacher

20-Shyam Chand Negi (Belgram, Athud, Tihri G 1925-1982) Freedom fighter,  English Book writer, journalist

21-Deva Nand Saklani (Juva Udaypur, Bhainskoti, Tihri G 1902-1982): Freedom Fighter, politician, social activist

22-Lietinent Khushhal Singh Rawat (Kasyali, Malla Udaypur, Pauri g 1915-1983): Azad Hind Fauz and Indian Army man, social worker

234-Bhagwati Prasad Chandola (1911-1983) Chayavadi poet, Kvita Kala Poster creative, Garhwali stage play write

24-Swami Sacchidanand Sarswati Maharaj ( Khalla , Chamili G1897-1983): Sanysi and Education institutions founder

25-Vaidraj sohan lal Kukreti ( Kheda, Udaypur, Pauri G, 1907-1983): Medical practitioner .

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:
     Great Garhwali, Indian Personalities expired after 1980


26- Shridhara Nand Jamloki: Bamankhola, Ukhimath, Chamoli G 1920-1984): Sanskrit, Garhwali and Hindi Literature creator

27- Lieutenant colonel Kunwar Singh Rawat (Unchakot, Ekeshwar, Chaundkot, Pauri G 1907-1984): Veer Chakra Receiver,  Village Craft industry promoter , Social worker

29-Lakhpati Prayagdatt Dhashmana (Toli, Malla Badalpur, Pauri g 1902-1984) Social worker, Environment activists, great donor

30-Ram Lal Pundir (Nauli, Chalansyun, Pauri G1915-1984) Journalist, Garhwali poet

31- Babu Botha Singh (Koladi, Barahsyun, Pauri G 1898-1984): Shilpkar  Vikash andolankari/Untouchability eradication movement  activist

32- Bhawani Datt Joshi (Chepdon, Tharali, Chamoli G 1952-1984) Martyr in Blue Star Operation Amritsar

33-Shyam Charan kala (Sumadi, Katalsyun, Pauri G 1910-1984) English language Journalist, Columnist

34-Chhawan Singh Negi (Kolsi, Thangar, Pauri G 1900-1984) Great freedom Fighter, Politician

35-Pratpa Singh Negi (Dhaunri, Dabralsyun, Pauri G, 1897-1984) Freedom fighter, honest Parliamentary, social activist.


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