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पाड़े पीड़
पाड़े पीड़ा का
उठायुं बीड़ा
बौण मा आग
पाड़ का भाग
नसेड़ी मवासि
महिला कु जोग
पाड़म  सूखा
चीड़ो उल्लार
हिमालै बचावा
त जीवन राल
निथर हरेक साल
गौं का गौ मा
पलायन  हूणी राल
पुंगड़ीन बि बांझ पड़यु रैण
वे फर बाघ रीख सुंगरु बांदरों
न रईं सैं मनखियों तैं
जीण नि दीण अर बकै
रईं सईं मनख्यात पण
भयुचुल अर सर्ग दिदा
द्यखाणा राल अपर चाल ।

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क्वी बात नि

पाड़ छोड़ी भैर बसी ग्यो त क्वी बात नि
परवासंम रैणी-खाणी करीयूँ क्वी बात नि

अफु खैरी नि खै , पुंगड़ी बौण बनि गे
इना सुणो दिदा कब्बि सोचि तुमुन
तुमरु बस्का खेती करण नि रै अर
 भैरै मनखि एय गेन यख संगति
खुजाणा छन जु अपर वास्ता  पाड़
बोल्दा छन जु पाड़ बड़ा अमीर च
बल यि त नसीब वल्लों का डयार च
देवी -देबताओं का सौभाग्य थान च
 जख प्रदूषण का नामोनिशान नि च
वे पाड़ पर बसि जौला सुखी रौला
अर होर लोगों तैं बि यख बसौला
बड़ी गंभीर बात च अर नयि बात बि नि च
हरेक युग मा पाड़ खाली हुणु रै
भीतर बिटि तुमतै बाडुळि लगौणा रै
तुम सबयूं त सौंग काम सीखी याल
पाड़े खुदेड़ गीत लगौण सीखी ग्यो
वापिस लौटणा का बाट नि ढूंद्दो अर
परवासम पलयाण पण संघोष्ठी हुणु च
विकास कु रुणु अब बेजां सौंग व्हे गी
यीं विसय सै सबि धनवान व्हे गेन
कैकि खैरी कैकि पाड़ सब ढंड च
निर्भगी पाड़ अब कैकि नि रै गे
वु त अब खुदेड़ गीतों मा ढलि गे
पूर्वजों कि कठिन तपस्या रुणी च
वूंक खैरी कमै का पाड़ रुणु च
भोल कब्बि त खुद लगली वूंका त
पछतैलि पण पाड़ तब तुमन जै नि सकण
पाड़ बि भूल जाला तुमतै कबि न कबि
अर नै मनखियोंन बसै लीण तुमर पाड़

पाड़ छोड़ी भैर बसी ग्यो त क्वी बात नि
परवासंम रैणी-खाणी करीयूँ क्वी बात नि

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Mahabgadh Mahadev
Travelogue©Sunita Sharma

Hello respected readers . Thanks for your continuous support and appreciating my write ups . Today I shall take you to another holy shrine  MAHABGADH MAHADEV that I had visited sometime back .  Mahabgadh Mahadev Holy Shrine is in  Yamkeshwar constituency ,in district Pauri Garhwal , Uttrakhand . Since teenage I had always dreamt of visiting this holy shrine .Lord Shiva heard my wish and the day came at last when we started for the  Mahabgadh . Everybody please note down that if you are planning your trip then one should possess all the necessary items before starting the trekking  of Mahabgarh as there is no facility around for availing hotels or guest houses . One has to take shelter in the household of villagers . The trekking  time can be started from 6A.M  and one has to return back before 4.30 P.M only as the area is surrounded with wildlife . Between the whole trekking route there is one big and few small waterfalls therefore  moss and algae ,lichens are visible on pathway , trees, rocks . Man-made steps are full of algae making the area very slippery to move at many places.  Climbing the hills takes too much time for new climbers and if you are accompanied with young children then be very careful about  narrow passage and all the necessary items before making a trip.
The passage is a fascinating kaleidoscope of vibrant flowers, draping orchids, striking moss gardens, dense shrubs and lovely ornamental plants . The sights are pristine due to the mountain’s inaccessibility to casual tourists.
We climb up buttresses and roots sticking out from near vertical rock and soil surfaces, using our hands more than our feet. Some of the tree stumps and roots can be extremely slippery (due to the constant mist), so a good grip is essential.Eventually, I have to trudge in the mud and my shoes turned dark brown. We saw a number of soles littering the trail.Mahabgadh is a nice, pleasant hike, but beginners may find it challenging. Fast hikers can run up and down the track in just three hours but since we took  sightseeing gesture,  it took us almost five hours to complete the upward climbing . Let me be very clear that going upwards is though tough but tougher is return as walking down on slippery steps and tension of reaching back safely makes it bit more difficult .The magnificent views and lush scenery are well worth the journey up to the peak.

Mahabgarh is  not only a holy shrine but place of curiosity for  nature lovers  who are adventurous , have longingness for trekking and tranquility. For such people  it offers breathtaking and jaw-dropping views of Mighty Himalayan mountain peaks of Trishul but before going for its trekking either for adventure or for a visit to holy shrine, first one should go for health checkups because  altitude Trek of any type in  Himalayas requires considerable fitness . Your body needs to train itself  to process more work with lower levels of oxygen . Cardiovascular training before Trek is critically important . Training must include the strength and flexibility workouts.

Brief note on Mahabgadh
It is stated that Uttarakhand is known as heavenly abode of Gods . Therefore we have numerous temples all situated on high peaks . As we all know that there were 52 gadhs in Uttrakhand , out of them seven were considered as God's favourite destination on Earth . One such place is  Mahabgarh that is devoted to the Lord Shiva that comes under Yamkeshwar constituency in Distt Pauri Garhwal , Uttarakhand. It is  surrounded by beautiful mountains ranges on all sides. Located On top of a pin-point hill in a beautiful place at an altitude 1650 mtr the famous temple of lord Shiv is known as Mahabgarh Mahadev.. The temple provides a panoramic view all around it. But the beautiful view of Haridwar is worth to see in the night. In the morning the reflection of the hill temple can be seen in the holy Ganga water of Hari ki Pauri, Haridwar. From this top one can have a view of the Greater Himalayas as well. The shrine has its ecological importance too . On the southern side we can see Garud valley the dwelling area of Garud ( Eagle ) who are endangered species now . On southern easternmost side we view front portion of sitting elephant natural rock . From Eastern side river Malini is flowing and from western side river Satedi and Thal nadi are flowing jointly bearing the name of river Rwasan .
 Mahabgarh is an ancient Lord Shiva temple situated at Khemdikhal in Dugdda block of Kotdwar Tehsil and district of Pauri Garhwal. It is situated at the  altitude of 1650 m above sea level.   As per mythology it was the favourite gadh of Maharishi  Kashyap( Marichi) and motherland of king Bharat . Mahabgarh is known by different names as per gram Devta Mahadev it was basically gadh of king Bhaandev Singh Aswal and till present Kukreti clan serve here as preist . The temple priest Radhe Lal Kukreti  narrates the  mythology of Mahabgadh and its holy importance . It is said that family who do not have male child worship Lord Shiva through out Shravan month and when they get blessed then they visit the shrine with their child for the blessings of the well being of the child and his future . This place is so divine for male child that son of Shakuntala and Dushyant became so popular and majestic that our country is known by his name ' Bharat ' . According to folklore King Bharata was born in KanvAshram presently known as  Kimsera . Valley of river Malini . Nearby village Bharatpur or Bharpoor  is in the foothills of Mahabhgadh which is at considerable height .  We went to the highest peak of our area , a temple of Lord Shiva , no place is so beautiful as this one , Goddess Bhagwati also resides here having adjacent temple .  At the back of temple of Durga you can clearly see with your artistic vision an  idol of elephant image. It seems that temple is situated on the back of the resting elephant, it is marvelous.  Some native call the place as HATHITHAN . Shri Mahadev temple is on the highest peak in the Himkoot mountain range a great Himalayas can be seen in the centre of frame which is the place of Lord Shiva and holds great reverence to us. Even for the Thal gend mela the symbolic victory flag  is considered auspicious  of the Mahabgarh . In the folklore people say that  if the teams don't take the flag for blessing then the Mela will turn out to be curse or bad omen taking lives of many people. As the Thal nadi fair has ritual importance and  is associated with prestige issue therefore accessorial taboos are strictly followed.
The place is famous for it's peacefulness and tranquility. Shakuntala had spent six years of her lifetime . She gave birth to her son BHARAT who was famous for his bravery acts such as playing with cubs. Later King Dushyant ,his father took them to Hastinapur.Devotees come here to worship  Lord Mahadev specially during Shravan month .
On every Shivratri parv a big Pooja as well as a fair is organized here. Thousands of the people from the nearby villages as well as from the cities visit this place. This is very Powerful place and the vibration of energy can be felt after reaching this place. Lots of the devotee who don’t have children,  visit this shrine and Mahabgarh Mahadev always fulfill their wishes.
Mahabgadh stands on Hemkoot mountain range and just below  we have Bharpur village which was earlier known as Bharatpur in Kalidasa  epic .It is stated that during Mahabharata Pandvas  worshipped Lord shiva and got his blessings. If we try to understand the topography of the area then we find that on the Western side of Mahabgadh we have villages named  mavas,  Harshu ,mundgaon and Thal nadi which is famous for it's fair and the only Polytechnic College.

The unique Himalayan ecosystem  and  the tourism industry is a major contribution to the economy of religious  pilgrimage . Now Government of Uttrakhand has declared it as place of tourist importance who has to pay attention to get best preparation for people from out States . Basic needs are in focus such as constant  drinking water supply from permanent resource . Lack of basic amenities is yet to be covered . Youth association of Kimsera headed by Harsh Kukreti is in continuous touch with his MLA striving hard for the upliftment of the area so as to make this holy place as popular pilgrims of Uttarakhand . The area is best  for studying biodiversity and government should seriously pay it's attention making it tourist attractive place.

How to reach the Holy Shrine
* Kotdwar * route towards mahabgarh is around 45 km via Road we have Kotdwar  dugadda himmanti, kandakhal paukhal Nalikhal,Nathu khal , Kamedikhal Bharapoor. Climbing begins from Kamedikhal by walk ,steep climbing is approx 2km to the holy shrine.

From *Rishikesh* route towards Mahabgadh is around 85kms.Garudchatti, Neelkanth-pepalkoti ,Duelli ,Tunkhal,Amola,Kandi,Brighukhal,Nalikhal,Nathukhal, Kamedikhal by vehicle . After this there is no route for vehicle. One has to climb steep hill approximately 2kms.

Best time of visit
Mid of February to mid of June and from mid of September to end of November. Though for locals there is no time boundation as they are aware of their natural surroundings .
Happy trekking . Best wishes.

In case of any query please mail me at

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हम्हर तुम्हर गुर्जि

समाजिक दियु जन बल्द करै जु दिन राति
ग्यान  भंडार छन म्यालु वूंक व्योहार
नौ कमौण भूख न तीस लगदी गज़ब चा या बात
लिखदन अच्छू लेख अफु लालसा नि कैं बथों की
वूंक हूंद उद्देश्य बस इतगा ,लोगों तैं अग्ने बढ़ान
ऊंच थान मा ऊंतैं दिखणु बस इ चा आस
उत्तराखंडे विकास पण सब्भि मनखी ऐक ह्वे जाव
अपरि कलम मा सब्बि लिख्वार इन हुंगरा द्यावा

मान बढदु तब वूंका भि त जब सब्बि वूंक मान करदा
जसपुर बटि छन गुर्जि भीष्म जी जौं मा इनि चा खूबी
दीणा छन भौत बरसो बटि जु
सोसियल मीडिया फर बणि-बणि ग्यान
ऊँका टाइमलाइन पर रोज दिखेंदी छन
साग-पात ,खबर-सार अर आखर ग्यान
जख बटि सब्बि लिख्वार भौत प्रसिद्ध ह्वे गें
पैली छ्यायी बल पोथी की माया पण
अब सब्बि ब्लॉग अर यू ट्यूब मा सर्वसुलभ ह्वे गें

अफु नौ जनि भीष्म सौं करार करियूं
हरेक मनखी बस्स सच्चू बाट द्याखौ
युंकि परयोग कब्बि मनभेद नि करदू
माधो को माटो जन छन लिख्वार यख
सब्यूँ कुण वूम छन बणि -बणि खुसी दवै
खुस हूंदन हैंका से जब उ नौ कमौन्दन

 जुगराज रयाँ गुर्जि जी सुफल ह्वा ऊँका मनोकामना
इंटरनेटै युग मा वूंका खूब नौ सब्ब्यूँ दगड़ी प्रसिद्ध ह्वा।

सुनीता शर्मा

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हार्दिक धन्यवाद भाई Mahi Mehta जी ,आज काफी समय बाद आज पुनः यहां जुड़ी।  mera pahad forum पर कार्यरत सभी कलमकारों को सादर नमस्कार 😊🙏

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प्रकृति पीड़
सुन रे मानव!
 पहाड़ चिरशांति का उद्बोधक
कोलाहल तुम्हारा हो या औजारों का
उसके अनहद को भंग करता होगा
मानवीय क्रिया- कलापों पर सिर धुनता होगा
सहनशीलता की भी एक उम्र होती है...
फिर क्रोध का आवेग उसमें भी जन्मेगा..
ज्वालामुखी की शक्ल में सबकुछ लीलने को आतुर...!

विकास के हर एक उद्भव  का अंत मिट्टी है..
मिट्टी का वजूद मिट्टी  पहाड़ हो या मैदान ..
आक्षेपों के आवरण में लिपटी परियोजनाएं..
अपनी असफलता गीत गाती है ..
इंसान प्रकृति के न्याय के आगे हतप्रभ...
शहर के बसने से जमींदोज़ होने तक के सफर में ...
बेवक्त मिले बिछोह सहने को मजबूर..
अपनी असफलताओं पर हाथ मलता है !

विकास पीड़ की अंतहीन वेदना सहते हुए..
अपने वज़ूद के दरकने की आवाज़...
कब तक चेताएगी संवेदनशील प्रकृति?
जो छिन जाए वो टीस  बन ही जाएगी...
तृष्णाओं की संवेदनहीन मकड़जाल पर  ...
फिर मिट्टी में विलीन हो जाएगी मिट्टी बनकर !

हर बरस आग- बाढ़ का बोझ सह- सह कर ...
मैदानों में उतर आते हैं पहाड़ी लोग ...
अपने सपनो के बसेरे को खो देते विकास के नाम पर ....
और जारी रहता है मिट्टी का सफर मिट्टी बनाने तक ....!

त्रासदी का एक ही  झटका छीन लेती कमाई उम्र भर की...
पीछे छोड़ जाती मजबूरियों ,वीरानियों सा नीरस जीवन ...
जारी रहता प्रकृति का न्यायिक  चक्र अनवरत ...
इसलिए मात्र एक ही समाधान शेष..
आपदा आये जब कभी भी तुम निराश मत होना!

प्रकृति से छेड़खानी की कहानी यूंही नहीं भुलाई जा सकती ...
मिट्टी के वजूद भर इंसान की बिसात एक दिन मिट्टी में मिल जाती..
ये तो प्रकृति उपक्रम  हर बरस चलचित्र दिखाती..
सुनो ! तुम बस कभी आंसू मत बहाना
नव जीवन संचार का  इंतज़ार करना!

प्रकृति के लेन -देन में भेदभाव नहीं दिखता
जैसा बोएंगे वैसा ही तो काटेंगे फसल
सपनो के नीड़ फिर बस जाएंगे
चहुं ओर सुख - संपदा की गीत गाए जाएंगे
बस प्रकृति के गर्भ पर प्रहार मत करना
सृजन स्वर युगों से वो गा रही, गाती रहेगी !

सुनीता शर्मा ' नन्ही '
प्रतिष्ठित हलंत में पूर्व प्रकाशित

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वो कौन सा दिन है जो मां के बिन है । मां तो मां है उसमे भेद कभी मत करना । दिन ,महीने या हो सालों साल। सभी माताओं का सम्मान ही भारतीय संस्कार हैं।
वंदे मातरम 🇮🇳🙏

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कविता - पहाड़ी मां
हालातों का झीना गिलाफ़ ओढ़े बैठी
मौन रहती  अक्सर मगर नि:शब्द नहीं
भावनाओं के झरने सी निरंतर बहती 
नित्य अश्रुधार लिए भीतर - बाहर
मनन करती कर्मों को बोलती कुछ नहीं
गुजरे दौर के उमंगों से आज भी भरी हुई
मगर आवेग के आवेश में उठती नहीं
तानों में तपी जो बचपन से हरदम
 हौसलों के दम पर कहीं रुकी नहीं
कष्टों से भरी मां अभिशाप देती नहीं
पहाड़ों में एकाकी जीवन जीने को मजबूर
मगर किसी से कोई उम्मीद करती नहीं
जीवन भर पहाड़ का बोझ सहती रही
पहाड़ पर पहाड़ सा जीवन कटता नहीं
जीवन झंझवातों में हमेशा डटी रही
 किसी भी उलझन से कभी डरी नहीं
बीच मंझदार छोड़ गए रोजगार के बहाने
वो जो उसके अपने थे बने अब सब सपने
जीवन मरण की जद्दोजहद शेष अभी बाकी
गांव में अब आदमी हुए कम बाघ हैं काफी
अपने दम पर  जीती  आसानी से हारती नहीं
मां तो मां होती बच्चों के जीवन में बाधा बनती नहीं

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