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Bhishma Kukreti:
Role of Non-Resident Uttranchalis (NRUs) in Uttranchal Tourism Development

                                             Bhishma Kukreti
          The migration is the first step of involvement of any society in becoming the part of global economy for the development of a region or nation. To develop the region, Uttranchalis have been migrating from its root to various other regions for a century. We should accept the real fact that the migration from Uttranchal will not stop but it will increase by manifold. We should not take the migration of human power from Uttranchal as the misfortune but a fortune for Uttranchalis because accepting the reality is the best way to adapt ourselves for the future competitiveness. If we do not accept the realism of migration, we shall live in the past and will not prepare our future generation to become the most competitive community to face the global competition.
      If the migration from Uttranchal is a reality, the attachment by the non-resident Uttranchalis with Uttranchal forever is another reality. The attachment with their roots by Uttranchalis will provide the same advantages, which provided the advantages to the migrated Jews.
      The economical & social development and fame of Uttranchal especially in foreign countries is very much essential for non-resident Uttranchalis because the development and fame of Uttranchal in other regions and countries provide the followings advantages and benefits to the NRUs:
The fame of Uttranchal is the strong media for enhancing the self-esteem or self-validating statement for the non-resident Uttranchalis.
The fame of Uttranchal in India and abroad provides a strong platform of identity for the NRUs. The identity is the strong tool of getting many jobs done easily.
The prosperous Uttranchal will be helpful in lessening the economical burdens on the Non-Resident Uttranchalis. Definitely, the poor brothers of Uttranchal increase the economical burdens on the Non-Resident Uttranchalis by many means.
The rich brother in Uttranchal will help the poor Non-Resident Uttranchali brother. In case of exigency, the Non-Resident Uttranchalis can get help from rich resident Uttranchalis. For this type of financial and economical help for the NRUs from native Uttranchal, it is essential that Uttranchal becomes richer than the present form.
Many Non-Resident Uttranchalis are prosperous economically but they do not get trusted base or platform for further investment. The prospering or developed Uttranchal will provide such Non-Resident Uttranchalis the most trusted medium for investment.
Many NRUs wish to return to their natives but do not find the suitable infrastructure there and could not fulfill their wish to return to Uttranchal. Developed Uttranchal is one of the important means to invite back many NRUs.
Non-Resident Uttranchalis can get all the benefits from the rich Uttranchal, which any non-resident human beings get the benefits from their rich natives.
                             Tourism as Back Bone of Uttranchal Economy
         The geographical, social and cultural aspects of Uttranchal direct that the tourism and associate industry is the backbone of Uttranchal economy. The richness among all the Uttranchalis will come by development of excellent tourism industry in Uttranchal. The state government took positive steps in planning and execution of tourism development in the state.
        For Mumbaikars, who are not aware about the plan and policy of Uttranchal government, the attached list will be an additional knowledge about the role of tourism for economical growth in the state. The attached list will also provide an outline the agenda of the state authorities for the growth of tourism in Uttranchal.
        To gain the above benefits from developed Uttranchal, the non-resident Uttranchalis may be a tool of enhancing the developing tourism in Uttranchal.
                      Role of Non-Resident Uttranchalis in Tourism development
      The non-resident Uttranchalis (NRUs) can contribute for speedy growth in tourism by many means. Surprisingly, their contributions for the growth of tourism in Uttranchal will not hurt the local sentiments of the present residing place or region of a NRU. The following means are a major means for contributing for speedy development of neo- tourism in Uttranchal:
Conceptual Contribution:
                            Any region ambitious to become a global power in the field of tourism requires a conceptual mentality in the society. Such society should acquire a global mentality and character and should have a clear vision of future tourism in the area. The society should acquire the specific characteristics for global competitiveness to create a global tourist destination. One of the characteristics of global mentality for creating an area as global travel destination is to reduce the dependency of on the government and should create self-built infrastructure for the tourism development of the region. There are many concepts, which help the society for becoming a global power in a specific field or many fields.
                            Our Uttranchal society requires aggression in acquisition of global mentality and characters. The non-resident Uttranchalis can popularize the global mentality and character among NRUs and the natives in Uttranchal by many means. Even, a casual talk among our village fellows or a simple message to the fellow brothers and sisters in Uttranchal by NRUs about creating Uttranchal, as global destination is enough to popularize the phenomenon of acquisition of global mentality and character in the society. As per a rough estimate, there will be a million of NRUs or two lakhs NRUs families out of Uttranchal. If a family sends a message of the need for globalization of tourism in Uttranchal in a year to a single family in Uttranchal, the two lakhs families in Uttranchal will be inspired for building Uttranchal as global power in tourism.
                            The NRUs should contribute their share by way of conceptual funding the region in the area of tourism. The intellectual funding by the NRUs was a strong medium for popularizing Uttranchal movement. Same way, the non-resident Uttranchalis can contribute by providing various old and new concepts in developing Uttranchal as a global tourist destination.
          Suggestion for building the infrastructures in an unknown but viable tourist destination by NRUs to the local authorities or fellow persons is a kind of conceptual contribution by NRUs to the development of tourist industry in Uttranchal.
 Enhancing Social Awareness:
                       Usually, the non-resident Uttranchalis are deeply involved in many activities of their villages. The NRUs can inspire their village-fellows to build tourist houses in each village of Uttranchal. Imagine! If each village in Uttranchal builds a community rest house or tourist house with moderate or modern facilities for tourists, many non-residents who usually, do not go for holidays in Uttranchal, will they not plan for holidaying in their villages. By having a village community owned rest house or tourist house in each village, many non-resident Uttranchalis can take their friend families of other region to their villages. This concept will help in enhancing the growth of tourism in Uttranchal.
                       The NRUs can inspire the native fellows of Uttranchal to build small or medium tourist infrastructures and destinations surrounding their villages to attract the tourists from plains of Uttranchal, Delhi or Uttar Pradesh.
Contribution by Investment in Tourism:
                          Many non-resident Uttranchalis are lucky enough to have spare money and they may invest in the tourism services in Uttranchal. The NRUs can invest directly in hotel industry, transport, sport, and hospitality or communication industry in Uttranchal.
                        Returning Uttranchal to start a Tourist Business in Uttranchal is an ideal contribution by a NRU.
Motivating Non-Uttranchalis for Investments:
                   The NRUs should motivate the non-Uttranchali investors in India and abroad, to invest for developing the infrastructures of Uttranchal tourism industry.
Opening Tourist Agency out of Uttranchal:
                      Many non-resident Uttranchali entrepreneurs can contribute their share in speedy tourism development in Uttranchal by opening tourist agencies or by becoming as operators. These agencies out of Uttranchal owned by NRUs may work for developing the network for inviting non-Uttranchalis as tourists for Uttranchal.
Acting as Promotional Medium or Source of Information:
                    Each NRU can become a medium of promotion for Uttranchal tourism by inspiring the non-Uttranchalis to visit Uttranchal for holidaying.
                    The NRUs should posses the details of tourist destinations and facilities in Uttranchal to distribute among non-Uttranchalis.
Public Relation Works or becoming Ambassador for Uttranchal:
                     The best medium of promotion is mouth-to-mouth publicity for the growth of tourism. The NRUs can contribute in developing tourism Uttranchal by writing articles about the Uttranchal tourist destinations in print media of other regions. The NRUs can contribute by showing slides or documentary films of Uttranchal tourist destinations to the various groups of non-Uttranchalis. For example, the NRUs of Mumbai can arrange a film show about Uttranchal tourism to the non-Uttranchalis at the time of Ganpati festival in Garhwal Darshan, Mumbai where hundreds of non-Uttranchalis come to watch the Ganpati idol and Ganpati-festive-event. Same way, with the help of Garhwal Vikas Mandal Mumbai, the residents of Garhwal Darshan can distribute the literature about Uttranchal tourist destinations to the non-Uttranchalis visiting the above site.
                Many non-resident-Uttranchalis are having access of internet facilities. These lucky Uttranchalis should send relevant messages about Uttranchal tourism to various agencies, portals and individuals in India and abroad.
Spreading Uttranchali Food and Souvenirs:
           One of the medium of popularizing the tourist destination is to popularize the food, drink and souvenirs of the destination. The NRUs should find the ways and means of popularizing the ethnical foods, sweets, drinks and souvenirs of Uttranchal among non-Uttranchalis.
Popularizing Uttranchali Literature, Art, Sport, and Music:
       The popularization of art, music and literature of a tourist destination plays a positive role in publicizing the tourist destination. The NRUs should take various steps in popularizing the literature, art, music and films related to Uttranchal. The conference arranged by Uttranchal Vichar Manch, Mumbai for the release of a novel Pandera written by Shri Rajeshwar Uniyal, wherein many non-Uttranchalis were invited, is one of the examples to popularize the regional literature, art or music among non-Uttranchalis.
      There is an urgent need of evolution for the works of late shri Mukandi Lal Barrister and Shri Gairola about Garhwal paintings. The popularization of Garhwali paintings and sculpture art abroad by NRUs is one of the ways to popularize Uttranchal as global tourist destination.
Producing Feature Films for International Audience:
     Many NRUs are busy in producing Garhwali or Uttranchali feature films. In my opinion, they should produce the Garhwali or Kumayan feature films for the international film festivals with the same budget. The releases of Garhwali feature films in the international film festivals will be a great help to the Garhwal for popularizing it as global tourist destination.
 Uttranchal Tourism in the Agenda of NRU Community Organizations:
      The non-resident Uttranchalis have established Uttranchali-community organizations in most of the Indian cities and regions abroad. There should be agenda of Uttranchal Tourism in the mission of each non-resident community organization. Time has come that the members (usually Garhwali and Kumayuni) of these organizations (usually Kumayuni and Garhwali) should enroll the non-residents of Dehradoon, Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar (or non-pahadis of plains of Uttranchal) areas in their organizations too.
Today’s conference organized by Uttranchal Maha Sngh and including the subject of tourism for discussion is an example of including  agenda of tourism with other social tasks by a non-resident Uttranchali organization.
Holidaying in Uttranchal:
      One of the contributions of non-resident Uttranchalis is to go Uttranchal with their families for holidaying on regular basis.
Being Famous, Rich or Specialist:
   The first act for each non-resident Uttranchali is to become famous, specialist or rich. This act is the most important act of contributing to the society by an individual. The individual fame of Jaspal Rana, Mahendra Singh Dhooni in their fields is one of the contributions for uplifting Uttranchal Tourism by a non-resident Uttranchali.
       Every part of the society should contribute to develop its native place and present place. The NRUs should also find other means and ways for their contributions in building Uttranchal as global tourist destination
Copyright@Bhishma Kukreti/Mumbai/India/19/3/2009

Bhishma Kukreti:
Review of Uttarakhandi Periodicals-3
                A Collector’s Special Issue of Shailvani Kotdwara,2009 
                                                                    Bhishma Kukreti
      A  famous weekly published from Kotdwara, Pauri Garhwali , Shailvani publishes an annual special issue every year. The weekly dedicated this year issue to “ Developmental issues of Uttarakhand” . The author congratulates the Editor Prem Balodi and his team members Arvind Singh Bisht, Kusum Lata Gusain (Mumbai), R.S Negi( Mumbai), Sarswati Kukreti (New Mumbai), Rakesh M Sundariyal (Mumbai), J.P Dhashmana (Pauri), Rishi Kandwal ( Haridwar)  and ganesh bansal (Kotdwara) for binging 112 page issue.
  Most of the articles are related to developmental issues and are well researched issues.
 Editorial : Prem Balodi explained the role, importance and responsibilties of regional periodicals.
Uttarakhand ke Jal Srotra and unka Dohan: Renowned scholar, Dr K.P Juyal explained in simple words about watersheds , the reasons behind low under ground water capacity in Uttarakhand, He tells the application and implementing strategies for water harvesting and renewal of dried water sources .
Urja ke Vicidh Roop avam Uttarakhand ke Arthik Vikash men : Retired engineer Narayan Singh Bisht explicates the available energy sources and newer opportunities for new energy sources. He informs with data about the strategies for hydro electrical energy resources and their development in Uttarakhand .
Pahadon men Audyogik Vikash aur Karyaparak Shiksha :The learned education specialist Dr Prem lal Bhatt stresses on the importance, concerns, applying methodologies of appropriate and positive education and   training for initiation, sustaining, and development of self reliance industries in rural Uttarakhand .
Uttarakhand ki Murtikala men Audyogik Niyojan ka Praroop: The legendary historian and archeologist of Uttarakhand   Dr Yashvant Katoch enlightens us about the importance of sculpture art , the customs of sculpture art in Uttarakhand , art centers in Uttarakhand, temples or devalaya of Uttarakhand, raw materials and sources of sculpture industry, strategies and planning of sculpture industry in Uttarakhand, traing, training institutions , museums and the marketing strategies and tactics for sculpture business.
Uttarakhand ki Bhu Sampada avam Prakritik Sansadhanon ki Samuchit Upyogita ki Avasyakata: The honored  educationist Dr S P Badola suggests in details about the present status about negative exploiting features of natural resources in rural Uttarakhand and the devices of positive management and utilization of forest animals, forest produces, the ways and means from protection from wild animals, the policies and profit making approaches for farm lands of rural Uttarakhand.
 Pauri Garhwal men Paryatan Udyog Vikash ke Sambahawanayen :  Bhishma Kukreti explains that Pauri Garhwal is and Pithora Garh districts are the least developed districts of Uttarakhand in terms of external tourism .he provides the logical reasons for new thinking in developing tourisms in these two districts by presenting the example of Pauri Garhwali . He detailed the development of forest tourism, water based tourist attractions , agro tourism, religious places, sports, service industry based tourism as opening of technical schools etc in Pauri Garhwal.
Arthik Vikash ka Dridh Stambh: The veterinary expert Dr Nand Kishore Khanduri tries  to explain important aspects of development in rural Uttarakhand . However, the author feels that he confuses the readers and the article is unfocused in terms of subject.
Sidhpeeth : Sukhrau Mandir : Sidhbali Hanuman Temple is major tourist’s attraction. By explaining, about the importance and management of Sukrau mandir, pratap Singh Bisht is successful to inform the readers for visiting this  temple in their visit to Kotdwara.
Arthik Drishti se Himalayi Paryavaran hetu Vanon aur Ausadhi Padapon ka Mahatva:  The famous homeopathy physician and writer Dr Chandra Mohan Barhthwal showed the importance of plants, ecology and preservation of forests and forest management in true development of Uttarakhand
Hamare Prachin Enginneers: History and heritage provide the self esteem enhancement . Rishi Kandwal provided our mythological and real engineers of India as great architect and planner  Vishwakarma, Bridge makers Nal-Neel, Viman abhiyanta Bharadwaj Rishi, astronomic Nishkar sage, great astronomer Vishvamitra, civil engineer May Danav, agro-engineer Ghagh . This article is very interesting   and informative.
Nyaya ke Devta ‘Golu Dev’:  Most  of the place or nation branding expert state that the strong judiciary system is utmost necessary in industrialization and making the place famous . Detailing about ‘Golu Dev’ in Almoda, , Rachana Balodi stresses on the need of strong judiciary system for the development in Uttarakhand .
Mahila Sakhsarata avam Vikash: Dr Renu Gautam of H N Bahuguna Garhwal University make a strong point that without women empowerment, we should not dream complete development in UK . The erudite scholar  Gautam cautions  us about importance of women education  for women empowerment in Uttarakhand and proves her case with  statistics .
Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyan tatha Uttarakhand Rajya : Professor Arun Mishra pleads for 100 percent education in the state for multidirectional progress.
 Bharat nen Samajik Vaniki :  Forest resource management is one of the essential and central  aspects of evolutions in Uttarakhand .  Dr Saudhav Singh Rautela makes us understand the key role of social forestry in bringing  royalty in Utarakhand  .
Badhati Jansankhya and Ghatta Paryavaran: Dr Arun Bahuguna of H N B G University explicates about consequences of family planning in absolute development and environment purity.
                                    Stories, Poems and other Articles
       There are stories of Dr Khyat Singh Chauhan, Dr Asha Rawat , Saroj Negi, Kaishalya Jakhmola, , poems of Kusum Lata Gusain, Jagdish Devrani, Ved Prakash Maheshwari, Kailash Bahukhandi, Bhuwan Goswami, Renuka, bachan Singh Rawat, Arvind Bisht, Veena Vashishtha, Janki Prasad  Dhasmana, Dr Suresh Ravadi, hem Chandra Kukreti, Dr Prasant and articles of Dr dinesh Balooni, Kamal Vidyarthi and Dinesh Kukreti
    The printing and editorial show the hard work of Prem Balodi and his devotion in regional journalism .The special issue of Shailvani is appreciable and is not commendable but a collector edition  too.
Adress :
Devi Road, Shitavpur
Pauri garhwal, Uttarakhand
Phone -Prem Balodi 01382, 223631
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 2009


Bhishma Kukreti:
Kumauni literature-5
                 More  Information about Literature of Kumauni and Kumaun
                                     Bhishma Kukreti
 I received following information about Kumauni Literature, periodicals being published from Kumaun or by Kumauni
1- Parampara an annual magazin
    Editor --Brija Mohan Joshi ‘Prerana’
    Post Box-8
   Malli Tal
2-Uttarakhand Najariya (Fortnightly periodical)
  Editor: A P Bharati
  Deexa Computer Institute
  Opp Central Bank of India
  Rudra Pur (Udham Singh Nagar )
3- Kumauni Hindi --Lokokti avam Muhavara Kosh
   Dr Lata Kandpal
   Dr Deepa Kandpal
     Price: Rs 750/-
    Anamika Publishers and Distributors
     Dariya ganj, New Delhi , 110002
(Curtsey: Paharu uttarayan Prakashan , Haldwani) 

Bhishma Kukreti:
Export from Uttranchal-12
                                  Need of Global Mentality
                                  Bhishma Kukreti
                            The future of Uttranchal lies in export of materials, human-power and concepts. The concept of globalize village is rooting deep down in India. The globalization means to gain the benefits of all types of available resources without disturbing the ecosystem and without destructing the culture suitable for the region. Export of excess material, human power or concept available in the region is one of the paths to take the benefits of globalization.
                       The export of materials, human power or concept will fetch the more profits when there is distinctive value additions in the above three aspects of export. The distinctive value addition in the materials, human power or concepts may come by being competitiveness. The competitiveness and leadership comes into the society by adapting global mentality. The global mentality means thinking for the opportunity first. The global mentality means making the future as the chief strategy and guiding force for the region and individuals. When Uttranchalis make the future as the chief strategy, the competitiveness will automatically take birth in their mind. Global mentality means to be aware about Uttranchalis competing with all other foreign country fellows.
                 The global mentality means to change the available materials into sellable items to the foreign countries and this requires the value addition technique. There are tens of products and concepts available in Uttranchal, which require value addition for the future. Take the example of conventional religious tourism of Garhwal and Haridwar areas. The religious tourism in Uttranchal requires a total change in formats and contents. The ultra new type of hospitality management (competitive with international cities nearby religious places such as Roma) nearby religious places is the requirements of Uttranchal. Now in global economical time, Uttranchal is not only competing with Indian religious destinations but also forcefully competing with countries as Malaysia or Thailand. Many young Uttranchalis took the career in computer science and got jobs abroad or in India with sizable salaries. However, the future is not so easy because the   countries as Pakistan, China, Romania, Hungary taking the business of  business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)  vary seriously and investing  in these industries to become competitive. It clearly explains that Uttranchalis has to find a new tool of value addition in the present training system of computing science to compete with the new emerging countries in this field. The finding of new tool of value addition comes only by global mentality because global mentality creates sensitivity for the timely competitiveness. Global mentality of Uttranchalis means each Uttranchali understands that he/she is competing for future with a Ghana fellow or Canadian fellow and so on. In global economy, the competing arena for each Uttranchali is not limited to India but the whole universe is competing arena. As far as competition is concerned, no body will be spared in the competing arena of universe. Global mentality is the only surety of safe future for Uttranchalis.
                In global economy, the fight is never for today but the fight or competition is always for tomorrow. The free economy forces the regions of the universe to fight among themselves for future opportunities and not for the current opportunities. In liberal economy, the individual competitiveness or regional competency is judged by the equity generated for the future. The global mentality of individuals of the region like Uttranchal brings initiation for the future. Global mentality of Uttranchalis will bring transformation in the region for becoming competitive for the future. Future will be safe only after taking exclusive steps for the development of economic power of the region. Making future as main strategy of Uttranchal is the sign of global mentality.
           Infusion of global mentality is not an injection or a tablet, which can be provided by the government to its citizen. The infusion of global mentality or futuristic competency is a process and it is generated by the society itself. The talks, discussions and debates for ‘globalization and future as main strategy of Uttranchal’ at various forums and media is the only criteria to bring global mentality among Uttranchalis. The discussions for globalization and its benefits at various forums in various formats will percolate the adaptation of global mentality among all the Uttranchalis. The aim of discussions on globalization means to infuse the global mentality among all Uttranchalis.
                Uttranchalis can get best benefits out of globalization if they adapt mentality, attitude, outlook and approach of a chief executive operation of a multi national corporation. Surprisingly it is easy because just think about competency for the future and you adapt the global mentality.
Copyright@ Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai, 2009

Bhishma Kukreti:
Export from Uttrakhand-8

                          Knowledge Economy Frameworks
                                              Bhishma Kukreti
               The geographical and socio-cultural conditions of Uttranchal compel that the state should opt the non-traditional services for economic growth. The knowledge-based economy is one of the emerging tools for economic growth for states like Uttranchal in India. A Knowledge Economy (KE) is one that utilizes knowledge as the key engine of economic growth. The Uttranchal should acquire the knowledge for export, create, disseminate and use it effectively to enhance the state’s economic development.
          There are four basic frame works for knowledge economy for an area. The first pillar is called the economic the economic incentive and institutional establishment that provides conducive policies for efficient creation, dissemination and use of existing knowledge. The educated and skill work force should continuously advance and adapt their skills to efficiently create and use knowledge. The third requirement of knowledge economy is the effective inventive and pioneering systems of universities, institutions and other organizations of the state that can keep up with knowledge revolution and faucet into the growing accumulation of global knowledge and adjust it to the local requirements. The forth pillar in knowledge economy is to create modern and adequate infrastructure that can make easy the effective communication, dissemination and uses at the right and required places.
         The Uttranchal government, society and business communities should come forward to grow the knowledge economy. The knowledge economy may grow in the state by long-term investments in conventional and non-conventional educational institutions. The political leaders, administrators and society should understand that the future economical growth would come for the area from the knowledge work force. Hence the Uttranchal’s establishment should come forward to lure the national and international investors for creating new infrastructures in the field of education, technology and concepts.
      The international investors will take risks in creating infrastructure for knowledge industries in the state provided the Uttranchal government creates infrastructures for hardware, software, network, media for collection, storage, processing, transmission and presentation of information in the form of voice, data, text and images. The state government should come forward to lay down the policies for the information and communication technologies (ICT) infrastructure before the public so that the interested investors can invest in knowledge industry.
      The society and the pillars of establishment of Uttranchal should visualize the advantages and the need of knowledgeable Uttranchalis in the field of non-conventional education. In the nearest future, the education of an area should not only provide the degree holders but should provide the professionals of applied knowledge too. In near future the state, which is capable of creating a breed of applied knowledge professionals, would win the race of economic growth in India. This need of applied knowledge Uttranchali professionals suggests that Uttranchal government should set up an autonomous board for knowledge economy as it established a body for tourism development.
      The new education board should act like a business house and should come with new feasible policies for the state, which can reform the present education system and establish futuristic knowledge economy based education in Uttranchal. The Uttranchal cannot depend upon the conventional industries for its economic and social welfare but should find the non-conventional industries such as export of applied knowledge. The export and indigenous uses of applied knowledge depend upon understanding and acting upon the above-cited four pillars of knowledge economy.
Copyright@Bhishma Kukreti, Mumbai/India/29/3/2009


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