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Excerpts from the History of Uttarakhand through Coins

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एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:

      Coins of One Rupees denominations minted during 1965 – 75.

      In the year 1982, IX Asian Games were held in New Delhi. To commemorate the occasion, a 25 paise coin was minted and brought to circulation.

      Rhino became center of attraction when their number was found very low during a nationwide counting.  Poachers killed a large number of rhinos for its tuft. To develop awareness in public for preservation of this animal which reached at the verge if extinction, a 25 paise coin was minted in eighties with rhino caste on it.

      10 Paise coins of Aluminum minted in post independence India.

      1985 was celebrated as “ International Youth Year”. To commemorate the year and give it due importance, a one rupee coin was minted.

      Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 and left for heavenly abode in 1948. To pay homage to father of the nation, a 50 paise coin was minted with Mahatma Gandhi in one side.

      A 20 paise denomination aluminum coin of 1986.

      1988 a coin of Rupee one was minted emphasizing the importance rain water irrigation for farming activities. The coin depicts a woman working in field and clouds raining.

      Coins of 5 Rupees denominations minted out of steel. These coins used to be very heavy in weight due to its material and size.

      Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India was born in 1889. To commemorate the Nehru centenary celebrations held in 1989, a coin with Nehru was minted in 1989. Another coin is depicting Indira Gandhi (1917 – 1984).

एम.एस. मेहता /M S Mehta 9910532720:
      Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) was launched in 1975. To mark the success of this scheme (15 fifteen years of ICDS), a coin was issued in 1990 showing a mother with her child. This coin also delivers the message of “Basudhaiv Kutumbakam”.

      After assassination of late Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi, her son Rajiv Gandhi was put at helm of affairs in Congress party and became Prime Minister of India. He contributed in the development of the nations by promoting and importing modern technology, particularly related to electronics. He was assassinated by LTTE suciede bomber at Sriperumbudoor in 1991 during an election meeting. A one rupee coin depicting Rajiv Gandhi.

      Quit India Movement started in 1942. It was one of the massive movements for independence of India with participation of general public in very large number. To commemorate the Golden Jublee of “Bharat Chhodo Andolan” (Quit India Movement), a coin was minted in 1992.

      A one rupee coin on the theme of National Integration was issued in 1994. 1993 was celebrated as “World Food & Bio Diversity Day”. To commemorate the year, a coin was launched.

      1994, “International Year of The Family” showing ‘hum do – hamare do’.


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